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What pop culture would be like with alchemical love making as the norm is the fascination of a lifetime.

Notes of a Rebel Angel is the 2007 Scribd essay of mine that imagines this shift. Music and movies are both looked at in depth, music more than movies. Sufi codes are discussed along with Wilhelm Reich, Mantak Chia, and Riane Eisler in terms of how entertainment is the way it now. The wonderful thing about art is that these subtexts reveal themselves naturally. The umbrella term alchemical sex is defined as an emergent, transcendent kind of union. Rosicrucianism would have been mentioned - but I didn't know a thing about it until 2009!

Ten summers later, the overall progress is as predicted: Mass market entertainment is still explosion-driven. Inspired independents are forming their links in communities such as here. A small addition to the section about the Clash and "Lover's Rock" appear on my blog. The elements to create real collaborative studio alchemy still drive the material side of this artist's practice. 

The list of other essays associated with this one on Scribd are a treasure for anyone serious about Sufism on the one hand and Punk Rock on the other. And on a third, Alchemy. The links to other different and exciting essays are enormous.


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