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The full Moon in Taurus delivers a deep sense of desire for structure, stability, peace, and comfort. As it rises to its highest placement and second house, we begin to receive the grounding energy we as human beings living in the current times need. In matters of love, the full Moon in Taurus encourages us to retract and observe our self-worth and to gradually discover if we have been settling for a short stick and are in need of reformation of what we currently know as self-value.

In matters of MONEY, we should incline ourselves to perform an inventory and glance at the trajectory our finances have had over the last ten months. The full Moon in Taurus empowers us to make the adjustments in our spending and our saving as well as taking part in new lucrative adventures in hopes of a much more profound stability long-term. 

The mood this full Moon in Taurus brings us is one of friendship. The bonding with new people and to enjoy the fresh feeling they can project into our life. To relax and take a step back to get comfortable as the universe also makes adjustments in our lives before drifting us into the corresponding course and towards the waning gibbous. 

Catch yourself from becoming extremely stubborn during this full Moon in Taurus. And to not tilt the scales when it comes to ambitious pursuits, alcohol consumption, and resisting change. Enjoy the stillness in time and movement while filling yourself with great value, gratitude, new opportunities, new friends and stability. Even if to gain that stability means traveling through a mudhole and overcoming adversity. Stability is in need of chaos to define its nature. And you may find that stability after putting hard work and effort into situations and circumstances that may seem painful or vague for the moment. But in the long run, will serve you to build your foundation that much stronger. 

May your workings be fruitful 
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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Comment by Lea Nour on October 28, 2018 at 3:02pm
Yes I surely have new friends this moon cycle , very happy.

Comment by Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz V on October 23, 2018 at 4:25pm

You're welcome and thank you for stopping by 

Comment by anki on October 23, 2018 at 2:46am

Thanks a lot

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