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I want to tell you a story, one of the reality of dreams

Of the beauty behind our senses, of the light within the darkness of our mind.

Close your eyes and imagine with me if you will,

Stairway of stars leading up to the sky.

Step by step, breath by breath climbing on it

Until you reach the clouds, soft like made of silk.

Substance like you have never seen, strong enough to walk on.

Yet soft enough to fill your soul with light.


On top of these clouds in front of you a soul one of pure light

No face and no name, just light shining on the clouds.

Conscious and aware, yet fully free of all that binds us to the body.

Beautiful in all the ways imaginable, smiling internally so deep

That you could feel the smile burning on your soul.


“Come, follow me” the soul will whisper and you will follow.

A pathway made of gold upon the clouds you will walk on,

To gates high and mighty, shining like the sun, with roses on the handles.

In front of it an old man with a book in his hands, looking up your name.

“what is it you seek” the man asks

“the greatest light” you reply

With a gentle nod the book will close, the door will open.


Behind the gates reveals the holy of holies, the light beyond all lights

The house of love and the temple of life itself.

Just as it used to be once in Atlantis, yet this is the original it was build according too.

The holiest light hidden within its golden walls, beneath its blue roof.

Shining under the star guiding the way, the messenger out of the dark.

Doors would open and into the lobby of the temple you would enter.

There she was, a lady more beautiful than in any imagination.

Eyes and smile purer than a child.

Souls dressed in pure white light veiled only by the ignorance of the observer.

Their hands on you they will gentle lay and al darkness will vanish into the light.

No matter what you did, they will love you anyway.

Love unlike any other here on earth, love like a mother to a child multiplied by a million.


It will enter your heart and soul, will penetrate every cell and every corner of your mind.

It will enlighten your being until nothing else is left inside you but light.

Flares of fire and light will cover your being and everything that worried you will evaporate.

All that hurt you, youb will forgive and all that wished you bad will no longer matter.

Tears of joy will fall on your cheeks and your heart will explode from love and happiness.


“Welcome back” she will whisper in your ears and all you would be able to do is cry.

Not from sadness, but of joy. Because finally the suffering would have ended

Finally, you will return home and finally you will remember who you are.

What you are meant to do and why is it you came here in this time and space.


Peace profound, may all of you see what I was able to see and are bathed in the light that I was honored to witness. 

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Comment by anki on June 30, 2017 at 12:51pm

thanks for ur help 

Comment by Journeying Fool on June 30, 2017 at 12:41pm

Beautiful poem of a blissful experience! You are blessed.

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