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Sometimes the most simple and yet powerful understanding can be the most elusive. Rightly so.
It dawned on me that the difference in results from my magickal workings were due to, well me.
Not because of me, but in spite of me. Allow me expand to expand on this

Those workings that did not provide much in the way of results, did not match my personality (this is best word I come up with at this time). The methods used did match my interests or tendencies as observed in the normal day to day world.
My 9-5 is technical left brain. For a hobby, I like camp and fish. Outdoor, earthly stuff.
Guess what method of magickal working worked best for me? 
Yep, earthly, nature based methods with physical implements that represented those aspects.
Not so much the more "mental" based methods of Sigils and visualization (although these can play a role for me, but on their own they lack the "juice" that produce results).

So simple, but at the same time somewhat difficult because this only occurred after 1. a better understanding of my self, and 2. experimentation and experience.

But it's also very beautiful to me now to understand how intimate the relationship between the ritual and the practitioner truly is, and how one can shed light on the other.

Two sources of information that I feel helped me to realize this principle:

Asbjorn Torvol's video on the mindandmagick YouTube channel titled ...

And his upcoming video on the same channel titled "THE 3RD PARTY PRINCIPLE"

The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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