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The Gods are forgotten. Attention paid has been forgotten.
The ties to mythology broken.
The chains of reverence worn and rusted.

The transaction of attention has changed hand.
The pendulum has swung.

No longer are there great stories that attract.
These have been disposed of.

Possibility framed into science.
The quantum explained as the separate.
Information valued by emotion.
Disease cultivated by comfort.

Rejection of individual purpose and belief accepted as religion.
The normalization of color, culture, and sovereign right impressed upon those without maturity of life experience.

Carrying flags of equanimity to the cliff's edge, only to realize that the fall is very real.
But only through the process of forgetting.

Cause and effect. It's real. But so is ignorance, and understanding.
Truth, never was in the Gods.

But the spark to question, challenge, and devote, certainly was...

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