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Once upon a time there was a beautiful planet.

It existed far away from here in the constellation of the dog.

It had a purple sky and two suns shining above it.

Aside the suns it had three moons spinning slowly around.

The ground was covered in beautiful forests.

Flowers and trees with colours one had never seen before.

At one of the islands between its lovely crystal white oceans

There was a waterfall streaming down and purple flowers growing around the shore.

Trees similar to palms with big white flowers blooming on them.

Along the shore a path with golden stones covering it.

Leading to a structure the people considered as holy.

It was a temple build in memory of their ancestors.


The temple was a large golden pyramid 144 meters high.

With 33 steps and an eye on the top of the structure.

Inside the walls covered with symbols of words and numbers

All pointing to their origin and evolution.

Many chambers were hidden inside this pyramid

One was the most important the one right under the eye.

It was the temple of the sun within and had an altar for the sacred fire.

Around it priests would chant prayers and songs to this inner sun.

People would dance and praise the source of life.

The floor made of marble and the walls pure gold

In the middle of this altar a scroll from long ago.


The inhabitants of this world who created this building weren’t like us.

They had a blue skin and long heads, though they did have arms and legs like us.

Big black eyes and instead of hair long round finger like attachments coming from their heads.

It looked like the tentacles of an octopus but without the pistons attached to it.

Their faces were long and oval, no ears and very small mouths.

The mouth wasn’t needed only to consume fruits and vegetables.

Speech they didn’t have, it was all done telepathically.

Family units they had as well much like we did.

Though no one had to work, they all did what they could

Together they would all build the community this way, by each adding their own share.


Their perfect world though was disturbed every 250 years by a celestial event.

The two suns would come close to each other and cause an electric storm on the planet.

The lightning’s would be huge and would set fires all over this paradise world.

People were more or less used to this and their homes were built within rocks of the mountains.

So when the storms arise they could move the rock doors in front and hide away.

That had kept them safe for a long time but as all good things this too would come to an end.


These people were very advanced they could predict the motion of the suns

How it will affect their world and when, well on time so they could take an action.

The brother sun was about to be absorbed and they had to move to another home.

They all came together and decided to move, big ships were created to transport the entire population.

Three crafts two for the people and one for a group of scientists who was to travel off seeking a new home.

Within days these people had moved their life in the mothership.

Flying on a safe distance they watched their home be consumed from the explosion.

As the smaller sun crashed with the bigger the waves of electricity set the entire planet on fire.

Soon all it was, was but a lifeless rock with no reminders of life.


The two big ships stayed together flying around in space,

While the smaller craft containing five scientists took off for a long journey,

Far into the depths of space to look for a new home.

Scientists of different kinds, biologist, chemist, geologist and so on.

The travel wasn’t that long because they could use short cuts in space

To move faster between greater distances and so they found the ancient earth.

At this time people were still ape like creatures and no homo sapience existed.

The forests were almost identical to theirs with mountains and flowers

The atmosphere was breathable and the temperature pleasant.


They send a message to the mother ships that they found a home.

While waiting many experiments were done with the plant and animal population.

Some even mixed their dna with that of the apes to see if they could help eliminate illness.

Within weeks the rest arrived and settled in the mountains of what is now south America.

For a very long time they lived alongside with the native population.

They changed their dna and made human out of them and thought them as if they were their children.

As a mother they loved these natives because it was children to them.

Far away from a civilized nation and still too destructive in their ways.

Much guidance they needed, much love to sooth their natural anger.


Though the new world affected them, the blue people mixed with these ape like creatures.

New race emerged from these two, one too aggressive and too smart.

A bit of both it had and it was unstoppable.

A war started between the new race and the blue race.

In the depths of the mountains they hid again, like before.

In order to free the planet from these aggressive monsters

This blue race had to do the unthinkable, risk the life of their own children and themselves.

A bomb was dropped into the oceans bigger than any we know of.

Waves taller than sky scrapers ran through out the lands on all sides.


The world they found was drowned with the power of the ocean.

Everything that once was lay now under the sea.

Only a hand few existed and hid away deep in the caves and underground.

Out of shame and sadness never to show themselves again.

Deep under the grounds they created their own sanctuary

Only to show up when humanity had grown enough to accept their teachings.

A few times in our planets past these forefathers have come out and shown us their wisdom.

Though every time the civilization they thought ended in destruction.

May be that is their faith, to never have children as wise as them? Or maybe we aren’t ready.

Whatever the reason us one day we will know and they will come out again.

Until than all we can do is thrive and survive the best way we know how.













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Comment by Sonia Ivey on November 12, 2017 at 8:58am
Sounds like our distant history and a possibility of our future too

Comment by JD on July 3, 2017 at 10:23am

Thanks for sharing with us. Sounds close to me.

Comment by anki on July 3, 2017 at 12:57am

i saw a spirit who told me the story

Comment by Dombai István on July 2, 2017 at 8:09pm

I think, this is very ancient theme.

Comment by Dombai István on July 2, 2017 at 8:07pm

 1: You are inspired woman?

2: What you think, where from inspired you?

Comment by anki on July 2, 2017 at 4:55pm

yes i wrote it

Comment by Dombai István on July 2, 2017 at 4:52pm

This poem you wrote?

Comment by Dombai István on July 2, 2017 at 4:42pm

This is very interesting text. Thanks.

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