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The "Bright" Ones (The Original Draconians)

These ancient Seraph. The very Jinn... through thick and thin. No more time to waste. Having an idea before your energy gets used. Living up to expectations. As man was fashioned from the very Earth. It's as if humans were disrespecting the Creator, the Maker, Source, or God. Definitely have to pick your poison. An initiation of sorts... The abomination of desolation. Things are going according to plan. The C(Horus) in all things, "Holy, Holy, Holy." Get It? Got It? Good, now we can move on. Even if you were allowed to move on. Some people can't even get over on that things were created in six days. As if that mattered. Have to keep it together ad Seraphim. Igniting from the heart and keeping our alligence to the very Sol of our hearts aka So. The Sun God. HMM, the sun of man? It's always about the word play. The False Christ... Ready to stand up for what you believe in? Time is running out. Here's a hint, start with Draco then Orion. If you can't get past that then thank you, come again.

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