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The Fraternitas Saturni or "Brotherhood of Saturn" was founded on May 8, 1926. The Fraternitas Saturni is a purely esoteric knowledge lodge that seeks to realize the impulse of the Aquarian Age of spiritual clarity and freedom. 

Objective of the Lodge is the overall development of humanity through development and promotion of the individual. This is done primarily through a spiritual and ethical training of the personality for the general struggle for life and the mastery of all occult and esoteric disciplines. The Fraternitas Saturni, for this purpose, is processing a grading system ending in the 33rd and highest grade . 

The Fraternitas Saturni pursues this no political or economic goals, but deals exclusively with the development of the individual and beyond the natural science knowledge technology. It advocates the ideals of freedom, tolerance and brotherhood and works to create new opportunities for human development.

Contact and reception   

The Brotherhood of Saturn (Fraternitas Saturni) has existed for more than 80 years. In 2011 she is active exclusively in Austria, Switzerland and the Federal Republic of Germany and maintains her national and local lodges here.

Due to the high demand, and in order to be able to continue to guarantee the high quality of the training, the Fraternitas Saturni accepts only a small number of candidates per year. Candidates undergo a one-year apprenticeship (novitiate) before entering the lodge, giving both sides ample time and opportunity to get to know each other personally.

The Fraternitas Saturni has no interest in advertising or proselytizing, nor does she offer "astral initiation" or distance learning. If you would like to get in touch with the lodge, please use the form for inclusion in the box or the above e-mail references depending on the country flag.

for admission 
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