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Maybe I have told you this before that a child with no obvious gender guided me on "my astral world",

But i forgot to wrote a single detail of how we "move" from spot A to spot B, now I have a right sentense of how to describe it:

"The child destroy everything from spot A to spot B and he rebuild it again"

Now, what i mean by destroy is not that common destroy we know. he destroyed a word "distance" from Spot A to Spot B for a second, and rebuild a word "distance" from spot A to spot B again.


Anyway, he just showed me how i'll be death.

It's by a bullet going through my head at probably around 17-20 years later, He let me experience the details of how it feels to be 17-20 years older, where i would be 17-20 later, where i would stand on the day, and how ia it feels to have a bullet inchi slowly Going through my head inchi by inchi..

Hold on, before you make any assumption, let me finish letting out what's on my mind now:

Im not sure that a death threat could freak me out now, it's not something to be proud of, INSTEAD, its mylost, i lost my sense of fear...


I need to stop atm, he stand right beside me now..haaaah, it's not about "scary stuff", i just need a little privacy..but he is watching..


Go on, i don't even brother to use VPN stuff to hide anything or else, cause i did nothing wrong and wont do anything wrong. What's important now is to keep make sense of everything so that i wouldnt get shot on the future. peace.

Have a good day

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