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The Deep Blue Sea (Abgal Genetics)

First off, the Abgal are amphibians from Sirius B. Now it's time to implement what we call Kristi beings. A strong will of compassion. Everything always comes together concerning the Abgal. The very race Enki was associated with. You have to take your time. A sea serpent at best. There's no other way around it when dealing with the Sirian. The very Nommo who choose accordingly. "To make one drink," the very test to see if the stars apply. The very thought process when concerning the Angelic realm. A very inch taken could mean the very star in becoming a shooting star. Understanding Isis and applying what you learned. A fast act and a solution to everything. You have to go right through and not around. A merry go round. It always depends with these beings. The full moon did what was needed, to provide the energy for what was wanted. Now we're flying high with no regrets. Game time.

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