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For some time now, I have been most interested in how evil entered the world.  OK - I know the Kybalion and that this is a planet of dualities but that has not satisfied my interest in this.  After reading the various theories of Michael Tsarian and his concepts, along with various others on Atlantis and this subject, I still wanted more.  Imagine my surprise at discovering a woman named Shannon Dorey and her books.  I am in the process of reading them all, along with watching all of the youtubes on the Dogon and doing other research on the subject.  I have believed that our races were genetically engineered for over a decade but really hadn't researched the Dogon.  I now see the great connection between Sumerian art and gliffs, Egyptian art and gliffs and the Dogon, who preceeded them.  To think that there are those alive now, on this planet, who have these memories encoded via oral tradition on this subject is fascinating to me.


I guess what I am asking here is that if any members of this website have any additional information on this subject - I would really appreciate your sharing it with me.  According to their lore the Dogon were totally spiritual beings who self-reproduced and were androgynous when they landed on this planet.  Deciding to genetically engineer humans, for whatever reason is still unclear to me, they made several experiments in mixing their DNA with the earth.  The second of these experiment resulted in a being, named the jackal, who had no spiritual DNA or encoded memory.  They knew that this was a mistake on their part and tried to rectify this but it could not be undone.  This jackal is the ancestor of those on this planet with no compassion, empathy or love.


The Dogon claim to come from Sirius B - as most of you know the Sirius Star System is highly connected to Egyptian lore.  Thanks so much in advance for any assistance you can lend. :-)

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