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Rise before the sun, and experiencing that little bit of silence. When all are asleep, there is solitude and anticipation. Clarity through silence.

If there is one thing that you can do to help you with any confusion or hardship is to wake up early, before the sun, and meditate. If that's all you did for the rest of you life, what daily experience of beauty could you create!

Your day, your life.

I have things in my life that need to be addressed. Things that I DO NOT wish to take to the grave.
Circles that need to be fulfilled and completed. 
I have said my words and they have led me to what is empty.
I thank you for your responses and your considerations. 
This humbles me in your willingness to accept my writings.
This is a relationship, between creator and reader, and I am grateful for you time.
Now, something else, for me. 

I have struggled with this blog, and doubted myself many times in these words I type.
Now I understand that it's supposed to be this way. This is the process.
Do that which is hard. Its meant for you. 

The universe provides you with these things because its the universe that seeks you, the true you.
The universe is so vast and chaotic, it seeks balance and wholeness. 
It seeks order, experience, and reason. It seeks you.
Passion, defiance, understanding, emotion, family. It seeks you.

A reason, an experience for what all of this is about. Why?!
That's your job. Why? 

You were born to do great and wonderful things.
Everything is laid in front of you. YES, the universe asks why? It wants to know too?

That's pretty cool to consider. If you think of the universe in all of it's infinite is also looking for itself.
Considering that, the universe has something in common with you. To be! To experience!
If I am wrong, so be it... It I am right, wouldn't that be exciting!

For me, I seek silence and darkness. Through which I hope to discover light and truth.

As Always,
The Individual Is Paramount

As Within So Without

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