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FA: Today I strengthen my initiative.
UR: Today I strengthen my perception of causes.
THORN:Today I strengthen my ability to project.
OS: Today I strengthen my capability to bring things into manifestation.
RIT: Today I strengthen my skill in Rune ceremonials.
KA: Today I strengthen my power and skills.

HAGAL: Today I reach into the universe.
NOD: Today I begin to dissolve my karmic ties
IS: Today I am aware of my true ego, of my true person.
AR: Today I am refraining my mind.
SIG: Today I am a winner on all levels
TYR: Today I gladly sacrifice my lower ego so that my self can unfold.

BAR: Today I am born again.
LAF: Today I experience the Order of the Universe and its laws.
MAN: Today I experience my elevation beyond matter.
YR: Today I experience the roots of the universe.
EH: Today I am committed in love
GIBOR: I am the rune realm. I am the universe. I am the creative realm of the universe. I am participating in the creation eternal of the universe. I am the wheel of life.

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