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The Everday Debate (The Conspiracy Theory)

Someone once said in a song, "If it offends you, it's meant to, it's that simple."

If what was said comes across because the world in which we live in interrupts your way of thinking then what was said had accomplished it's goal. The notion to think and understand what was taught to be an indepenent thinker was the whole point. Regardless of what you believe, it only allows you to go so far in understanding that things were put in place like PRINCIPLES and PRINCIPALITIES to orchstrate you into thinking that things are only real with what you see in front of your face. To think something in which symbolizes a symbol in itself and goes over your head only allows for you to accept with what you already know. I WILL not allow a typical cynical character to dictate his thoughts to allow things to continue the way things "are". America is easy buddy and I have the time to preach what I think is true. If that goes over your head then it's obvious that I'm flying high in Air Force One. I hope you see that I'm joking.

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Comment by Quingu on June 11, 2018 at 10:15am

Most definitely. Thanks for commenting.

Comment by neophyte on June 11, 2018 at 4:23am

The world is the way we think it is by reason only of our chosen view from which we perceive it. (What you 'see' determines what is real for you). Once we realise the Truth of this we can begin to take control of our world and begin to see what is really True in the Universe and what is illusion (ie. able to be seen in many different ways from many different viewpoints to the one we normally chose to 'believe' in).


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