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When you work with people there is always that one that gets under your skin, the one that you bond strongest with, the one that makes your day worthwhile. I work with people because I love helping them in their hard moments, I love to be of service to them with anything they need. Life can be so harsh that it often doesn’t take much to bring a smile to someone’s face. Happiness hides in the little things in life, it’s in the simplicity of daily tasks. A how are you in the morning, that shirt looks beautiful on you, it is in those cards look great did you make them? It is in telling someone you missed them and how nice it is to see them again. What people need isn’t difficult to see at all because it is the same as what we need. Most aren’t all that different, our basic needs are very much the same as everyone else’s. The biggest one that babies even die without is love. Children who grow up without affection and without motherly love end up traumatized, babies die when they aren’t shown enough love, relationships break. Experiments even show that plants grow slower and even dry out when negative words are told to them instead of love. Criticism, when is not constructive and only shaped to bring people down, can break someone’s soul. Words do hurt, they hurt a lot more than we give them credit for. They cut like knives and stay deep inside, leaving us sometimes scarred for life. Everyone we see is fighting a battle we don’t know about, be kind.
The people I work with are elderly, all with quite a bag back of experience and pain carried through life. People who fought in the world war, people who lost families and children, people who are very sick, people who are alone. It is how most see the elderly anyway, like old sick people who can’t do anything anymore and are a burden to their families and surroundings. That is very far from the truth and this can be said about anyone around us. Each one of them is a library of wisdom, carried through time and space. A book full of stories with each person as the main character. Their life made a difference many times and touched people we will never know about. They will never lose the ability to love and to connect, it is natural for any human being. We aren’t meant to be alone we are meant to be together with one another. The nature of humanity is benevolence but it is that pain we all carry that creates conflicts between us. The sooner we recognize how much we matter to one another the sooner the world will see peace.
The heart of this story is a man I worked with the last 6 months, a heart of gold he had and the most beautiful eyes. I am sure he was a charming man in his younger years. By home much his daughter and granddaughters loved him you see what a good father he has been. A real gentleman with the sweetest smile. Even when was irritating me I couldn’t be mad at him because of the softness of his character. I took care of him until his last breath and it is a true honor to be with someone in such an intimate moment when their soul returns to the divine mother in the sky. When they and they all become one and the same. The beloved embraces their essence and all the pain is taken away by love that we can’t even begin to imagine here on earth.
There are connections we share with some people that are written in the stars, made in the sky before we came here before we took our first breath in our mother’s arms. There are links between hearts that are stronger than tree trunks and nothing can tear them apart. Sometimes when you meet someone and you have this feeling, as if you know them already. That is the hint that it is a special person. People whom when you meet they immediately touch your heart and you feel a warmth from them, you like them without knowing why. They just pull you to them only by being themselves. There is this unexplainable unconditional love you feel. It is feeling like this that show a connection that is deeper than the everyday people we meet on the street and outside on the street.
People like this make a difference in our lives and are here with a purpose, either to add something or to take something away. Whichever it is, it improves our lives and gives us what we have been needing to continue. An important thing to say here is that life isn’t just this life, it is more than what we see around us. Life is a redline of lives we have been in and will be in, all the people we have met and will meet, all the faces we have looked through. All the planets and all the beings out there. Seen and unseen together. That is life, it is nature, that is God.
God is the love that is shared with everything everywhere at the same time. It isn’t a person it isn’t anything special, it is simply love. We are love. This man I worked with was love, the embodiment of love. When he took his last breath the body would be lifeless the skin grey, the hands stiff. How fast does this temple we are changed into a useless bag of flesh once the soul has returned home? It brings into perspective what life really is. The person I loved wasn’t there anymore. The body I saw wasn’t him yet I still felt his presence right there with me. I continued looking for a pulse because I felt that life still around me. How silly I was because that life wasn’t in him, but around him. It was right there looking and being free.
The pain was over; the fight had ended the prison gates were open. He was so afraid to leave his daughter alone and so worried she would suffer by seeing him die, that he waited for her to be gone so he can pass over to the land of the immortal heroes. Walhalla waits for you my beautiful hero the golden gate opened just for you and the Valkyrie is here. He once said I was there to guide him through this process, I didn’t understand it when he said it but I do now. Guidance of a soul; in those last moments isn’t just giving a pill, washing their face or feeding them. It is that emotional support and that heartfelt genuine affection that every human being needs.
Walhalla is that paradise where every hero goes when fallen in battle. That battle isn’t just fighting in a war, my friends it is any struggle we experience in this life. It is a fight against cancer that a man fights for years only to lose and knock on heavens doors. When you are able to show love to those who don’t show it to you, that is heroic. When you can close someone’s eyes to spare them suffering that is heroic when you can stand in front bullies to protect another that is heroic. When you give up your career to take care of a child is heroic. Any selfless action for the betterment of another can be called heroic and it deserves a place in this Walhalla of hero’s. To rest clouds of silk and bath in golden sun rays

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