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There was a general I met long ago, in the lands of Zagrey.

Golden helmet he had with red feathers on top

White horse he rode on with black seat where he sat on

Fear he would spread anywhere he went, heads would roll with just a look

Through the woods of the mountain he rode night after night

Searching for the eye of the sun for the waters of life


War has been heavy on him, his heart cold.

No other life he knew than that of a warrior

Since he was a small boy he was taken from his mother and brought to the fields

With the soldiers he ate and slept, with grown men he was forced to fight

Love was beaten out of his head, love was weakness and he was a soldier.

Though heavily suppressed it never left his heart, deep inside his soul

One image never stops chasing him, that of his mother crying as he was taken away.


As he stood on the hills, gazing the valley below on his horse

Thoughts raced through his head and his heart was beating fast.

Underneeth was a village, small with white cottages made of stone.

What he was searching he didn’t know yet, but he was soon to find out

There was a war waiting for him back home, though his mind was restless

His advisers told him about the oracle of Dyonis in the lands of Zagrey

She was all covered in white and could see anything you ask.


A priestess of the sun not to be touched by any man or woman.

Her body completely covered in white, not even eyes were to be seen

Every 40 years a new priestess was chosen, 40 days was the initiation

40 was the sacred number, 40 days the soul roams earth before passing.

40 is the time needed for energy to materialize and 40 days he had to wait to see her.


Yet from that hill he wasn’t sure yet if that is the place and what he is to do

The only thing he knew is he wanted to ask her to go to war or not

The other question was burning deep in his heart yet he dared not to ask.

Will I ever find love, am I dead to love why am I cursed to be alone.

Slowly his horse dawned in the valley and entered the village.

Children came to his with curious eyes staring at his horse.


“where is the Oracle of Dyonis, is she in this village” he asked

The children pointed at the hills above the village on the other side.

There were pillars showing at the distance yet no roof.

His heart was racing; he was here he found her. What is she going to say?

So many thoughts in his mind het only one was dominating.

Can I love?


At the hill he saw a temple with 4 pillars, each on the corner.

Black and white murmour floor and a stone throne at the end

On the throne a rose was engraved and a sun was around it

Two women came to meet him at the door,

Both covered yet their eyes and hands were visible and bare feet they walked in the temple


One made a hand gesture to follow her and the other took his horse in the back to drink

Not a word each of them said, complete silence rained in this temple

The sun was burning hot on top of his head and no roof or shadow to hide in

In the temple room he saw the oracle covered in white linen naked under the veils

On a throne covered in roses in from of a stone grail filled with water and rose petals


“welcome to the valley of the roses dear general” she whispered “you seek answers and yet dare not to ask them”


He stared at her almost as if he could see her eyes, yet all he saw was veils.

He wanted to ask, but his oath stopped him from asking

He was a warrior a man, love was for the weak not for big men


“you have found her but you don’t know it yet, she has been waiting for so long”

“who is she” he asked

“You know yet don’t accept, you see yet don’t want to embrace. She is right there next to you”

“I am going to war soon; I am to travel to the east. Tell me oracle will I be victorious” He quickly tried to change the topic

“A great nation will fall” she whispered “but learn to see my dear man, you have met her and she is meant to be yours”


With those words the oracle stood up and walked out

Leaving him with so many questions yet none of them he could word out

He will win, she said so he kept repeating in his mind.

But one thing he couldn’t forget, who is this the oracle spoke about.

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