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And when it came to pass that the Captain of Heaven cast down the Lord of Light from the throne of the Sun, he and his hosts of hundreds descended, his crown jewel, a stone of burning smaragdus, sank deep into the cavernous Mountain of the World: they came, those Children of Heaven unto Earth, who sought them wives amongst mortal stock before the Flood.

And an Angel of the Third Heaven entered into the Body of Red Clay and became Adam: An Angel of the Second Heaven entered into the Clay and became Eve: They dwelt in the Garden of Eden.

And it came to pass that the Watcher of Heaven, Azzael Qarnayn, bestowed the Seed of Cunning upon Eve and she bore children; Mighty Ones, kings and sorcerors of the line of the Secret Fire.

The Blood Mother of Faeries, Dame Lilith, took the secret spilth of Adam and conceived the elven brood in the wild places of desolation. Thus did the progeny of the Old Ones become incarnate for Heaven embraced the Earth that the Witch Blood might be made manifest and the Covenant sealed.

When the Great Serpent, Lucifer-Zamael, the Father of all Witcheries, begot Cain upon Eve, the Mother of All Living bare a serpent eyed child, a kinsmen of the Nephilim . And Naamah, the sweet kinswoman of owls, was born also; from their incest the Children of the Dark Angel sprang.

Cain grew and slew his brother, Abel the Herdsman, the clay eidolon of ignorance, and set forth upon the Road of Fire to the Land of Nod, east of  Eden. Bearing the Mark of Cain upon his brow he journeyed unto the abodes of the Morning Star, the kingdom of his father, Lord Lucifer. And the Mark of Cain is the Red Snake coiled about the Golden Tau Tree of  Divine Knowledge.

Cain  rose up at the equinox, and crowned with the Rams golden horns, he dared the Ever-turning  Sword of Flame at the gate of the orient, passing through the purifying Fire of Gnosis. Thus became he perfected in the forge fire of Tubal, and the pure gold borne fourth in the crucible of the Arte.

Now as Cain is the Red Sun of Witchfire and the First Shaper, so is he the sorcerors self, the Indwelling Fire. And Naamah is the White Moon of Witchdew, the First Weaver and the last Unweaver of All, the Mother Graal of Witchdew.

And from this is all Witchdom descended, from them all Power is inherited; theirs is the gift, the Blood of Elfame, the Covenant sworn upon the Sabbatic Mountain at the Eternal Midnight of Time.

Taken from the book ' The Pillars of Tubal-Cain ' by Nigel Jackson and Michael Howard. Image by Earnst Fuchs.

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