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The Heavenly Father glanced at the purest of being forever, in one holy moment uniting the two. That moment, fulfilled, is the Christ - all of us. In the glance there was a great struggle between all potential spirits, until the equal and set amount enough to be reflecting a depiction of the Heavenly Father had answered yes, to fulfill the Christ. It is the promise of eternal life. Then we all forgot.

All beings then started to re-enact the holy moment, starting from the part of the glance that we each were, forever - all through the glance unbroken. Christ was born when the re-enactment reached its peak in reflecting God, the Heavenly Father. Spirits, and later, humans, has since the re-enactment begun, channeled God to create metaphors of what we, from the glance already encompass. It is our right to create anything from who we are, so God does not interfere, but always work through our belief.

All in all, the re-enactment was a non-linear event, the purest of being resting in all at once, relative to each other - everyone moving through each other to the depicting of the Heavenly Father. Baptism is the metaphor for submerging with Christ onto the purest of being, that is the Heavenly Mother, moving with her through all in the wholly quickening acceleration that she unites with the Heavenly Father in.

By the peak of the re-enactment, as Christ was born, it had been decided who each of us all are forever. From that moment, the Heavenly Mother laid to rest upon everyone in the Christ; and forever passed in heaven as two thousand years passed on earth - and all was filled with the Holy Spirit. It is eternal life within. That moment, everyone have decided to let love rule all, forever. When we also and therefore rule with love, we rule with God.

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