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I have chosen to post the to this site as I know that this is the one place where I believe there are the most open minds to the true and living esoteric knowledge of the Universe. Please do allow the title of this video prevent you from watching it. This is a video for every living being to watch, regardless of their personal beliefs. Also, I feel this video is part of a series and I am posting out of order by choice. I will post the ones I believe should be viewed and studied that went before it as well as those the come afterward as I can. Please be sure to view and study as many in this series as you can as they will - in mine and others opinion - provide the greatest benefit to each of you of anything that you may currently search for or study. Many Blessings and Good Luck to you all.  

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Comment by anki on April 5, 2019 at 5:58am

Nice post i liked how it connects yoga with the new testament and jesus. this becomes even more clear if u take him as an essene and see their connection with the healing arts and the chakras.

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