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Long ago in times before the sun there was a castle in the Transylvanian hills

It was a time of the sun’s brother and his wife. Long before the times we know now.

Creatures existed that we only know from the myths of the ancient poets.

A castle with two towers rose above the hills with a lower part connecting the towers.

Triangular windows and triangular stones on the walls.

Two suns above the horizon, the sun and his brother.

Saturnalia my friends was a golden age of many riches and yet also many monstrosities.

Man’s imagination has no bounds and the need to control is even more expansive.

On the dark wooden portal two pig heads with their tongues hanging out.

When you knock with the tongue the portal would open

With the portal a world that you have never seen before.


A queen this castle had, evil in all her doings. Prisoner she had a young man.

It was her personal slave and partner, not by choice.

A young man with black hair and brown eyes, wide silk shirt hanging over his shoulders.

The queen herself half insect half human, head of a big woman and body of a bee.

She was seated on a golden throne with a flower on its top.

The man in hear feet on the stone gold marble floor.

Only the queen was allowed a chair the rest stood or sat on the floor.

All around the castle pig human hybrids were the guards.

And horse human hybrids were her army parading around the castle

To make sure no one was to invade her precious territory.


Down in the basement were the full bloods chained to walls

Locked up in dungeons, used for food or experiments.

It was weakness the queen thought to be only of one race.

The weaknesses were removed by mixing races and creating a better stronger hybrids.

With or without their will and approval

The queens word was law.

One of the prisoners was a young woman locked in the basement.

Long white dress, long dark hair and green eyes.

One day she was nervously walking around the basement

Trying to find some kind of opening to escape her destiny

As she pushed the wall to hold on to it one of the huge stones moved,

And a tunnel was opened in front of her.

A long tunnel dark with candles on the sides.

Everything was better than being used for food for the queen so the woman ran down the tunnel.

The stone moved closed behind her, with a loud noise falling back into place.

She ran for what seemed like a long time until a light appeared in the horizon.


She ran as fast as she could, even though her feet were hurting badly from the long run.

When her eyes adapted to the light she saw a beautiful garden with the castle behind her.

She made it out but seemed to be in a hidden garden now.

Beautiful flowers and trees with the most magical smells all around

In the far a small bridge going over a lake and on the others side a rock

On the rock a young man making slow exercises, motions to keep his body healthy.

It has been years since she saw another human being as beautiful as he was.

She tried to run to him but slipped on the rock and fell in the water.

He saw it happen, walked over and offered a hand to pull her out.


He pulled on her skinny boney hand and she fell on top of him.

The closeness neither of them had experienced in a very long time.

They both just sat there losing into one another’s eyes

As if they had known each other for centuries, life after life.

Eyes that had known before and will know again.

Neither wanted to let go, the queen and her guards suddenly didn’t matter anymore.




Too bad fairy tales don’t always have a happy ending, the guards saw the girl in his arms.

One fast swing of a sword and her head was floating in the lake.

A love story that was forbidden, not allowed to exist.

But sometimes love passes time and space and is impossible to bound.

In another life and another time, the girl met the boy again.

They would float again on a lake in a magical city

Love will be reborn again and again, bound by invisible golden threat.

Born from the same one fire of life, forever dancing around and with each other.

Speaking from one heart to another, without a word said.




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Comment by anki on January 4, 2018 at 7:03pm

hahaha oh yes

Comment by Jolan ☯ on January 4, 2018 at 4:44am

A happy ending after all : )  Must have been one 'hell' of a dream on which you based the story...

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