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Self consciousness is a great gift, but it's also a heavy burden. Its not easy to accept things as they are. Conflict is inevitable. In this "post modern" mindset that is being propagated by many sources of influence, takes that concept away.
The inundation of information is paralyzing. The perception of separateness is engineered into our very social structure.

While we rot in the acceptance of reality constructed by others.

This I feel that this is the source of human suffering. The potential of growth through inner conflict buried, ostracized, ridiculed.

The symbols, concepts, and possibilities of individual existence have been inverted, infected, and feed back to us as addiction. And we pay for it, yes we actually pay for it. Not only do we pay for it we are programmed to accept it.
Its the sword that divides us. It cuts and slices, fragmenting the mind. Through it, nations are built, borders are formed. 
Over time the sword is thrust deeper into consciousness. Through generational experience where the "sins" of the father are passed onto the son. Families and traditions separated.
What idea I would like to present, is not that of the sword itself.
But what it represents. 
Now it has the ability to cut, to destroy. But it also has the potential to build, to create.
It's a blade with a handle, a tool.

The sword is created by man. Used by man.
Become the blacksmith, become the swordsman, become the individual! 

"He must be met where sword meets tower"

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