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On butterfly wings I travel to my ancestor’s home.

To where my blood flows, to where no fear grows

I fly to where my soul was born, to the land of the wolf.

To see where love was born, where my father was born

His father and his father’s father.


On butterfly wings I recall who I used to be.

Who I was before my soul was broken,

Before my trust vanished, before my heart bled.

A new start above the clouds with the winds of change.


On butterfly wings I fly to my mother

Not the one who gave birth to my body, but the one of my soul

The mighty mountains of the land of the wolves

She called and I listened, many times again I denied the call.

Every time she said it is time to come home.


On butterfly wings I answered mother’s call and came home

I kneeled on the mountains forests and kissed the holy grounds I walked on

I embraced the high heaven and my soul had wings again.

Mother I am home I yelled, welcome home child she whispered. 

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