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The Left Wing Liberals Have Lost! Victory!

 Thanks to the hard working patriots of Project Veritas (CNN) The Counterfeit News Network has been exposed as the fake news that President Trump and other true patriots such as myself has been saying now for a long time. If liberal leftist doesn't back down after this, it only goes to prove just how indoctrinated they have become to the narrative created to try and topple Trump. ALL YOU HILLARY AND BERNIE FANS HAVE LOST AND THIS IS THE MOST DAMNING PIECE OF EVIDENCE AGAINST YOUR LIBERAL AGENDA! WATCH AS YOUR BELOVED John Bonifield a Sr. Producer at CNN ADMITS THAT ALL THE AGENDA AGAINST TRUMP IS NOTHING MORE THAN LIES CONCOCTED FOR RATINGS! In the video, he says "TRUMP" is good for business.

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Comment by Nemo on June 29, 2017 at 4:39pm

I had one day to meld these lines

And put them into verse

I now confess to plant these vines

I am gently now coerced

Who sows the seeds of high ideals

Is somewhat good and wise

Cherishing their words their deeds

In fairer likeness to disguise

Take heed their finger warning

Using scriptures old

They are merely sign 'posts'

Don't mistake them for the road

Taking time with words that shine

Inside us we are able

To polish up a modest rhyme

And bring it to the table

If perchance you recognize the one 

Who claims their dogma real

Just remember that the recipe

Is really not the meal

This simple bread whose crumbs are fodder

Will help this verse to rise

For how can it sink below itself

If it has nothing to disguise

This poem is had in small regard

With men of slender wit

But yet the wise and learned sort

Make great account of it



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