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Once upon a time in the west there was a castle upon the clouds

Where angels lived eternally in the silence of the sky.

No birds would reach their sanctuary and no man would ever see the shrine.

Peacefully the angels lived apart from men high on the clouds.

Until one day an angel got curious what they all do on Earth.

Everything was peaceful in their castle but how did things go about down there.

What does a human think? Or feel? How do they love? Where do they go to find peace?


Slowly it leaned over and peaked through the clouds.

The sight was heart breaking, there was nothing else than gray.

The colours were dull, the air was cold, people cried all day.

The peace only existed in their minds, it was not real in the physical world.

Emotion rarely knew peace and the eyes were blind to reality.

The little angel’s heart broke by the pain and confusion it saw in humanity.


Right away it took off and went to the throne room where the old man sat.

Pleading to be allowed to go down and help these poor sad souls.

“What do you want to show them child? They won’t see you?”

“I want to teach them love, by loving them” the little angel replied

It warmed the heart of the old man and he allowed the passage.


In a human baby it was born, a mother’s heart it opened.

Its teachers eyes it opened, its lovers world it completed.

At its 82nd birthday on earth it sat in the garden surrounded by love.

Love in the eyes of its children and grandchildren.

“Now I can go back” it whispered as the breath flew and became one with the all.


Back in the castle the old man greeted the angel and asked it:

“Did you live child?”

“ I did and I loved every moment of it” the angels smiled. 

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Comment by JD on May 5, 2017 at 2:17pm

Very nice thanks for sharing!

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