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Once upon a time there was a little spider living under the roof of an abandoned house.

It slept in its small web and lived off flies and mosquitos that got stuck in its web.

It used to live there with its mother and 2 sisters, many moons ago.

Her sisters left and mother fell off her web and never came back.

It was a lonely life but it had everything It needed there in her small web

It was a beautiful web with brilliant shapes and sparkling under the moisture in the attic.


The days passed slowly, without much change or adventure

Not much happens in the attic of an empty house you see.

Sometimes a bird flies in, it nests there for a day may be a week

When the eggs hatch it flies away again, mostly It doesn’t notice the spider in the corner.

The spider sits in the web and watches the visitors come and leave

No one really stays or tries to talk to her, because no one can really see her.


I don’t even think anyone knew her name, because no one ever asked.

When you sit there all your life watching passersby, you learn a lot about everything.

Yet no one knows anything about you and it makes it really lonely

To actually go to them is impossible because most are afraid or try to eat her.

Its not easy being a little spider in a little web somewhere in an attic in the middle of nowhere.


On a day in the early autumn as the wind was blowing leaves through the broken window

A boy from the nearby village found his way in the attic,

He was outside playing football and the ball went inside so he came to get it back.

The little boy had light blond hairs and blue eyes, scratches on his knees from falling too many times

Not to mention his torn pants and green spots on the elbows of his shirt.


He came in with lots of noise and looked around the space to find his ball.

The ball had fallen right under the web of our spider.

The boy ran up to it and looked up, to see the small black spider with red eyes

“Arent you a small one” the boy giggled “ Wanna come with me outside? We can play ball.  I found my ball here you see.”


The little spider wanted to go but spiders don’t talk to little boys

So she just wiggled on her web alongside the boy’s face.

She had dropped down on one of her threats and was looking at him with curiosity,

What was this giant here and why did it want to take her.

Outside would be nice she hadn’t felt sun in forever.


The boy grabbed the threat she was hanging on in one hand, ball in another and ran outside

Everything was shaking on the way down the little spider was terrified

What if he drops her and steps on her, what if he loses her how will she go back to her web.

Whats happening? Where is he taking her? Cant he go a little slower?

Suddenly the running stopped and he put her on the stairs in front of the house.


The autumn sun was shining above in the sky, rays dancing between the tree branches

Reflecting in the water pools on the ground from the last rain fall just that day.

Birds singing in the trees and the fresh breeze was refreshing the air.

Around the tree in front of the house a group of boys playing ball.

The boy forgot about her there on the stairs so she had to find her own way now.


She slowly climbed down and crawled on the grass all the way to the tree.

The ball didn’t hit her it passed just aside her every time

Crawling up the tree she sat on one of the branches while looking around,

The weather was beautiful and the tree full of insects to eat.

As she was observing the surroundings of her new home she saw a web just like hers above her head

It was between the trunk and a branch a little higher than she was at.


The little spider was curious to meet another one like her so she crawled up to that web

It was a little wet still from the rain but she could attach to it without a problem

As she was tryin to find the spider it belonged to, two others came to her from the shadows of the tree.

It was her two lost sisters, they had made their way out to the tree and created a new home.

It was a sight to enjoy, after such a long time they were reunited

They worked hard together to make the web bigger a part for each of them.

The once one web was now three in one web, a unity in diversity.

Beauty and harmony like only nature can create, rooted in love build with togetherness.

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