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Absolute thermal equilibrium spontaneously and simultaneously turns into moments of all entropy levels, by there being an equal chance for any other state to arrange itself in disposal of that high a disorder. Time reversely  proportional to the entropy level of those states, returns the moments into thermal equilibrium. All the moments that the thermal equilibrium might turn into, arranges according to the highest possible level of disorder to cancel each other out, forming another state of absolute thermal equilibrium - a different universe. All those universes, equally possible this way, are infinite.

Time begun once with an entropy of zero; taking an infinite time for its reverse proportionality and thus causing a universe where thermal equilibrium might not ever be fulfilled. The state of this universe is determined not by time, but by its ability to confront itself. Every possible state of universe zero is a state of the absolute thermal equilibrium in itself, capable of confronting itself with reason, passion and care. This is the multiverse.

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