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I want to tell you the story of a woman known only as the Indian beauty.  She was a young yoga teacher in India, she thought ashtanga to children and loved to be around them.  She had a small studio at the corner of a square where lots of people would hand around.  Many of those people would chase the dogs and kill them, because there were too many and would spread diseases according to the local population. A man with a big knife was called the hero of the city because he could kill a dog with just a stick by hitting it in the exact right spot.  The general population there was very cruel and had little to no respect for animals, or women at that. Both were second level citizens left only to the mercy of the men in town.

The woman in our story had long dark hair and beautiful brown eyes, covering her head with a thin veil. She had started her own yoga class in hopes to earn her independency from her parents who followed her every step. That didn’t last long, one day as she was leaving to work her mother and father called her to come for a moment.

As she walked in the room they were both sitting down at the table with a young man and his mother. Let’s call our lady, Kyra, for the story. Kyra was standing at the opening gazing at them in disbelief, because in her heart she knew exactly what was to happen. The dreams about being independent teacher vanished in that moment. Her entire life fell apart. She was promised to be wed to this young man, so she can’t work anymore she has to be devoted wife and cook for her husband. She has to go along with the family so she doesn’t bring any shame to them.

How life with him would be like was flashing in her head. How she had to lie in bed with him and satisfy him, a man she didn’t even know. No reaction came out of her, she just turned around and started running.

“She will be back the mother” said behind her, she has nowhere to go. So the family got back to preparing their wedding.


Kyra ran through the square and got to the end of the city, sat there at the bench of a big river, crying. She had indeed nowhere to go. Where is she going to sleep or eat? Is she to become a beggar? While lost in her thoughts a man attacked her to rob her. He saw she had nothing and pushed her into the river. How long she was floating she didn’t know but when she woke up, she was on the shore of a strange place. All around her were native men and women with leaves around their private parts looking very feral. Snakes were attached to the body, sea weed all over her and in her hair.  The locals had found her in the water and pulled her out. They called her the snake the woman or naghini, because of all the snakes hanging off her body and her still being alive.

They helped carry her to the cave where they all slept, to hide from the rain season. There was fire in the middle and people all around looking at her without saying a word. Sadly she couldn’t speak to them and had no idea what they were saying to her, she didn’t understand to sit by the fire and dry out because they were pushing her there and giving giant leaf to cover herself with.  She had apparently fallen asleep because suddenly there was a giant blue woman on top of her dancing with 4 arms. The weight of her didn’t hurt at all she barely felt anything but the woman was dancing on top. Waving her 4 arms around creating a sphere of energy in the air.



“wake up naghini, wake up child of the night, wake up and dance for me. The cosmos is calling you to awaken, rise and dance. “


As she was chanting, she threw the sphere in her face and Kyra woke up. She sat up suddenly startled from the dream she just had. In front of her though was a local shaman a woman shaman chanting and blessing her with herbs to help heal.  The shaman made a sign to ask if Kyra was ok? She handed Kyra some drink that was supposed to be to heal and continued to chant.

Kyra just nodded still really confused by everything she just saw. The most surprising part was that now all the snakes were in circle around her standing up straight looking at her. They seem to react to everything she thought and saw. She looked down at her body, all the wounds from the sea had vanished. Her hair was dry and she could hear the thoughts of the people around her and the thoughts of the standing snakes.

Kyra stood up and walked to the shaman to try to ask what happened and if she can stay here so she doesn’t have to get married at home. The shaman looked at her with a smile as if she already knew. She passed her a ball of coloring powder, a white veil and a statue of Kali ma.  That meant she was to be her apprentice and stay here to learn the secrets of nature.



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Comment by anki on February 5, 2019 at 10:19am

it would be magical

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