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The New Plasma “Free Energy” and Links to Consciousness

by Cary Ellis & Whitney Fisher

In school many of us were taught the traditional scientific belief that space was empty, yet
nothing could be further from the truth. Modern progressive quantum physicist Nassim
Haramein relates, that there is enough energy in one cubic foot of space to power everything on
earth for a year! We live in a time the ancients prophecied, as a coming “Shift of the Ages,” a
great change from one age to another, a time when we would be able to understand Ancient
texts as never before, when our perception of “reality” would shift in amazing ways through
concepts of the emerging new science of quantum physics.

Plasma science or nano technology bridges from quantum mechanics into practical useful tools,
that utilize elements of creation, heretofore invisible to our perception. As we traverse beyond
our familiar 3d world, 4th and 5th dimensional perceptions of finer states of matter and
consciousness become visible, as we comprehend a new emerging world of plasma physics,
now in its infancy. Nellie Cain, spiritualist of the previous century, would wave her ringed hand,
and ectoplasm would flow from it, streaming with grey white mist. This example demonstrates
subtleties of finer states of matter we call 5th dimensional, that emerge from the plasma state.

Plasma is often called the 4th state of matter, yet also might be called the first state of matter
emerging from “the field of creation.” The Source or Quantum Field is streaming energy that
moves in one direction. This new plasma science reveals interaction of magnetics and
gravitation within the field, transforming this Source energy into a nano state, preceding 3d
matter. Recognizing and interacting with this atomic nano condition, offers many options not
available in the 3d matter state, allowing intensified energies to flow through nano materials,
with now early stages of tools emerging to harness this energy for us. This is also a link
between matter and consciousness, residing beyond the matter state. We discover as we work
with them, that plasma energy tools are also very susceptible to our states of consciousness.

Mehran Keshe, gifted nuclear physicist, began to discover and reveal this new science of
plasma physics. It was suggested he patent his technology, however he knew this to be the
technology that could carry man to space and also bring World Peace. For this reason he
teaches this emerging new plasma science as “open source,” so millions are now learning
around the world, in a wave of awakening science that cannot be quelled. In order to embrace
this advancing plasma technology, the mind must expand to encompass new visions of how our
physical world operates.

Actually these new views are “old views,” as many principles of this plasma technology, such as
infinity and magnetic/gravitational fields are woven into teachings of ancient Egypt, Asia, Mayan
cosmology, and even Native American four (six) Directions. Plasma Devices are Revolutionary
in the budding new science of nano technology currently being co-developed by people on all
continents across the entire world. In the open source teachings of the Keshe Foundation
(, plans for plasma devices are being developed, that can be built at
home for purposes ranging from reducing gas mileage on vehicles, powering the home,
cleaning up pollution, supporting balance of health & well being, recovery from illness, superior
natural agriculture, remediating disasters, purifying waters and more…

Knowledge of infinity and zero point principles offers response, to a collective desire to distill the
information about plasma down to a simple form, to be understood and shared easily. This
defines a clear explanation of what plasma technology is, what it really does and how to make
devices that utilize it, so that anyone who wishes to harness the power inherent in the
environment around them can do so with limited tools and resources, using mostly common
household items.

The widespread use of this technology will usher in the dawn of a new era for human beings
and life on this planet. Until now we have been creating power to sustain ourselves through
force, this is evident in the King and Queenships, the corporate greed, the need to oppress or
take from others to get what you need and in physics that every device, machine, body, plant,
insect needs to consume something for its energy to function or live. Quantum power is only
activated through the emotions of love, benevolence and compassion.

This power promises to be able to provide for physical needs including nourishing and
maintaining the health of the body, because these devices will help those interacting with them
to speed up the energy in their cells, known as increasing frequency. As frequency increases
dis-ease and aging are no longer, and we step into perfect physics where we discover that
everything we accepted as permanent in our reality is changeable, through the altering of the
density of elements on the quantum level, and that change will 'manifest' in this physical reality.
Defining the Quantum as Multidimensional: Power from the Quantum IS. It doesn't decrease or
increase or degrade, it is constant and will always be constant. Energy sources within this field
are magnetism, gravity and light. Plasmatic infinity devices thus far, use copper wire to provide
a structure we can see, the shape of the device with gravitational and magnetic cores, moves
the light energy, by pushing and pulling it and with enough field interaction to harnesses it,
compressing down and expanding out.

While electricity is a 3d state of matter, where the current flows through copper wire, plasma is a
4th or 5th dimensional state that flows through expanded atomic nano-material outside the
copper wire, producing even more power, which we are just learning how to harness and make
useful in vehicles and homes. GANS, (gas in its nano state) similarly harnesses these energies.
It is another powerful tool, easily made at home by budding plasma techies, distilling physical
matter state into an expanded atomic nano state, to be utilized in various plasma energy
devices. Many around the world in “open source” online teachings are now experimenting with
these simple techniques and tools, teaching themselves the properties of quantum plasma
mechanics, and learning how to apply in everyday life.

Groups on all continents around the world are now researching and studying the emerging
teachings of this new plasma technology, many put out by the Keshe Foundation and other
associated pioneers, working tirelessly developing technologies accessible to the everyday
person around the world. Progress is being made to transcend societal domination by the
polluting and costly petroleum industry with new kinds of energy, and into revolutionary energy
medicine carrying us into true well being, beyond pharmaceutical giants, also addressing
serious global issues such as pollution and hunger.

The human body, mind, spirit is also a plasma mechanism, with heart operating as a torus field,
with powerful magnetic and gravitational flow that begins at about 21 days in uterus. As we
learn to live with heart centered creativity as a genuine authentic individual, we amplify
abundance and flow of our chosen creation in the plasmatic field that surrounds us. Practical
tools of this emerging new plasma technology, offer solutions to impending human needs and
planetary issues, while at the same time teaching us about higher frequency levels of our ability
to flow with, assimilate and benefit from the life-giving plasmatic field surrounding us.

Whitney Fisher, co-founder of “Many Hands 4 Peace” ( and Cary Ellis,
author of 21st Century Superhuman, Quantum Lifestyle “guidebook for these
times” ( have teamed up to teach Plasma Tech Workshops. They
co-authored this article to share insights gained working with these exciting plasma
technologies, that range from pure quantum science to affecting us on multidimensional levels.

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