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The oak watched the daisy be carried away with tears in his eyes

He always dreamed to go before her, it was his little princess.

Now she is taken away somewhere far from his sight

He hoped she would be safe and well, hoped he could see her

Though oaks don’t travel and mice can’t carry them around to see daisies.

The oak would often ask the wind

“Hi wind, you who have been everywhere and see everything. Have you seen my daisy?”

“I haven’t oak, but if I do I will let you know” the wind would reply


One day the mice who took the daisy returned, oak cried from happiness

He hoped the mouse had brought his daisy back home, but the mouse was alone.

“where is my daisy, mouse?” he asked with tears in his eyes “I miss her so.”

“I dropped her in a corn field close by a house oak, the children found her.”

“Is she all right?” he softly asked

“She is in love oak, found another daisy and they grow together”


The oak was silent, how he wished that she would return, but her happiness meant more than his own

The mouse saw he was lost in his thoughts so she went on her way.

Not knowing it would be the last time she would see the old tree.

Day after day, the oak was losing his leaves and branches were breaking off

Birds didn’t nest in his crown; his trunk was getting holes in it.

The sadness was eating his life away, he was so alone

But the love for her couldn’t let him ask her to come back.

She was happy and it all that mattered but he knew he would never see her again.


One day an owl came and sat on his branches looking for place to rest

He saw the shape old oak was in and asked what has happened.

“I am alone owl; my daisy is far away happy with her own daisy”

Owls were the wisest creatures in the forest, they knew everything and saw everything

Even wiser than the wind because they understood life


“Drop an acorn old oak, I shall bring it to your daisy and you will live again close by her”

The eye of the old oak opened widely and flashed like they used to long ago

He shook his branch as hard as he could and a few acorns dropped on the grass beneath him

The owl took one in his beak and flew away to bring it to the daisy.


Oak was old and sick, it didn’t take long before the last leaf fell and the life left him

He gave out his last breath looking in the distance and dreaming of his daisy

But as owl promised, he would live again and would see her once again

As he let his last breath out the owl dropped the acorn in the ground

The breath and the acorn were one and the same, and they were planted right next to daisy.


Time passed the oak had grown young and strong, tall reaching the skies,

The daisy had passed and another was on her place right next to the oak

Surrounding her countless of daisies all around the tree.

Children playing and laughter was all around the garden.


“Hello daisy how beautiful you are today; I am lucky to provide you shade”

“Hello oak, how wise you are, tell me a story only you would know” she smiled

“I knew a daisy once” he began “she traveled far and wide to find love, yet love found her”

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