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We were once a single worldwide civilization of harmonious families that lived in PEACE.

We knew our spiritual selves and our power of "enlightenment" or "attainment" was a fundamental lifes purpose. We accompanied and sustained each other because we knew our dignified place in existence and worked towards that honor.

Weve forgotten - and thats the root of ALL SEEKING. To remember and return. Thats the original seekers purpose.

How did we lose this knowledge? When/How/Why did the (I believe Imposed) distraction of that beautiful intentional reality occur? 

Earths peoples resisted this hateful debasement. So much that ethnic genocides, contrived divisions, wars, created famines, even routine public tortures were needed to intimidate, "break" us. How did we learn to despise each other? Humanity has been brutally humiliated.

Physical survival became paramount. We are still in that survival mode. We dont consider our condition as such, but I believe it is.

This predicament sometimes consumes me to the point of bodily distress. I feel the hidden results of this in the spirit of some of the people I meet. Its saddening and oppressive.  I also feel the vague remembrance and joy of that time in the spirit of others. Its encouraging and comforting.

Can we attain healing - regain our aware wholeness? Not just personally, but together as one entity?  

Of course, Ive never physically met anyone who "got" any of this. So, its a private matter- Except here. 

Im anonymously safe here.

I really value your ideas. Please share your thoughts and suggestions.


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Comment by belladonna took on February 15, 2016 at 9:11pm

thanks A L,   you always have me thinking!  i love the traveler reference 

i have to reread it again to get more from it, but whats this about the Laws? ive been hearing some references to "Laws" and could use a point in the right  direction to learn about them.      -The spiritual Mind (or laws outside of physicality)-

also "gift", from who/where?  and,     "WE" are the fire of light, love and life.  what other word or Title could be used to describe this "fire of light, love and life." 


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