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The oversoul is intelligent (the intelligent response within the thought)

whether as guide or companion (relation is determined by ones recognition:

((can ue see and act with precise effect?)

If it were to be the body/brain only,

still this does not truly matter (that which comes is depth of meaning: communication)

good sense in acting within the environ (paired with mature election of focus can arise)

the utility is what bases the worth.

As one allows the essential spirit <the unmoving encompasser>

oversoul forms with greater effect,

with greater precision of meaning,

with greater value to application and yet also depth,

the utility is what first bases the worth.

The placement of focus determines,

the oversoul is no one thing nor the basis (focus upon the body apparatuses: focus upon the tree)

the unique emanations of thought and image come,

what matters is their utility and basic sense

If it cannot first apply to life,

if one can see no sense of it,

the problem is personal romanticism and whimsy

though it is not remotely the only worth,

the utility is what first bases worth.

The good sense which comes is not rationalized <it is inherent to the emanation>

there is no worth in meaning from pure noise,

first the form must be recognized,

bereft of the bleeding desire to see what is desired.

The first requirement is simply openness of awareness,

simply the still underlies and envelops

there is the originating ego and the receiver

the channel is the perceptual reality (be aware of reflection <ones self overlaid on other>

((be aware of deflection distorting intuition)

there is oversoul <perceived through>

essence <that which is as it is>

and the ego or id (the ego which elects the mean <the forming factor is the lattice of essence>

((be and we do not determine)

what determines is the form of the essential spirit <its form unchanging but recognition of it in the other>

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