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All these things we have derived at with our care:


  • What we observe.
  • Where the observation belongs amidst all truth.
  • All the potential effects on the truth of the observation.


There is an associated energy with the care on each of these levels of observation. These levels represents an increasing number of objects relevant to us, in the given order. The care is the selection of focus that we have on these levels, revealing what it holds. Most observations are in extra dimensions, especially when it comes to the two later points. Care affects the potential, reforming the truth that leads to the observation. All we need is the care that we naturally have, to interact and create interdimensionally - it being the form of our ideal. Believing that there is a place for all that we care for, across the dimensions, makes us see it. The temporary attention we all have between the intricacies of us all, creates energy from the potential. Everything is a moment of temporary selection of all the potential; which is anything - care. What we experience of life is care, in the order it is relevant amidst all that is cared for, by every individual.

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