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The Rising Light Below - R. J. Stewart

The Rising Light Below
©1996-2000, R.J. Stewart, All Rights Reserved

This is a simple but major technique for arousing energy and passing it
through your body: the power that rises from the UnderWorld, the Light
within the Earth, will awaken and transform your own energies far more
effectively than concentrating in isolation upon your power centers or
chakras. If you do this exercise once every day and also work with
visualization techniques on a regular basis, you will realign and activate your
own energy centers rapidly.

This exercise is the mirror-working to those well-publicized techniques
which call down light "from above". In both cases the energy seems to begin
outside the individual (though this understanding changes as you develop
your inner powers), but in this technique the light is inherent within the
UnderWorld, often in a latent mode. Human awareness activates the power
and draws it up through the body of the land into the human body. The
Rising Light Below exercise is more effective while standing, though it may
also be done sitting cross-legged, as squatting and cross-legged posture all
enhance our Earth contact. Here are the stages, with some brief notes on
their development and effect:

1. Begin with a period of silence and steady regular breathing. Your arms
are lowered, with the fingertips stretched and pointing towards the ground.
If you are sitting they may touch the ground lightly or rest upon your thighs.
This initial arm position is important, as you will be raising your arms to
different positions through the exercise.

2. Be aware of the point of contact between your body and the ground If
this is the floor of a room be aware that the building is in contact with the
ground, with the land. For obvious reasons this type of exercise is enhanced
by working directly upon the surface of the land, or in a cave, basement or
underground chamber. By the holism, paradox, or "law" of reflections and
octaves, it also works very well in high places, such as the tops of hills and
in tall buildings. Many UnderWorld techniques are useful for those of us who
live in a city environment, as they pass directly through the imbalanced
enervating city energy field, which has little or no effect upon them. If you
live in an unhealthy energy-isolated building, do this exercise on the roof or
in the basement as well as in your own apartment.

3. Visualize a source of energy just below the ground or floor where your
feet or body make contact. This is usually felt and seen as a flowing ball of
light. The upper surface of this energy sphere touches the soles of your feet
(or your legs, thigh and buttocks if you are sitting in a cross-legged position)
and from it's lower surface a strand of light descends into the heart of the
land, into the depths of the planet to an unknown source. This is your
reflected energy field in the UnderWorld, normally latent. You are going to
activate it, bring it alive through conscious work. Remember that it is part of
you, reflected energy which you do not normally access or use, something of
which millions of people are completely unaware, even those who practice
meditation and energy techniques.

4. Increase your awareness of this energy sphere: feel it touching you,
move your imagination into it. You may feel your personal energies
descending into it, and a sensation of heat where your body touches the

5. Gradually draw the energy source into yourself. This is done by
breathing steadily and feeling the energy sphere rise through your feet into
your body. You arm/hand position is slowly raised, drawing the energy with
it. There are four zones of the body/energy field:
FEET/GENITALS/HEART/THROAT (HEAD) (see figure). These are our human
reflection of the holism of the Elements and Worlds.

6. FEET: be aware of the Element of Earth, and the matter or substance of
your entire body. The energy sphere rises up through your feet, legs and
thighs. This is the first awakening of energy within your physical substance.
Your arms are still directed downwards, but slowly raised, drawing the
energy as they move.

7. GENITALS: be aware of the Element of Water, and the twofold nature of
water in your body. Firstly it is the fundamental element of your cells; on a
non-physical level Water is the element of creation, birth, sexual union, love,
and represents the second awakening of energy within your physical
substance. Your arms are raised gradually to waist height.

8. HEART: be aware of the Element of Fire. As the energy sphere rises, it
gradually becomes more incandescent. The Four Elements are
simultaneously literal and metaphysical. At this heart level the increasing
rate of your energy becomes fire. In your body this is bio-electrical energy,
the flow of blood and the subtle forces that radiate from your life core. As
these subtle forces manifest they appear in an increasingly watery and
earthy form. The incandescence of the energy sphere rising from the
UnderWorld through your body is the third awakening of energy within your
physical substance. Your arms are raised, palms upward, to shoulder height.

9. THROAT: be aware of the Element of Air. The energy has now risen to
surround your head and shoulders, and has reached its most rapid and
mobile rate. All four zones are now alive, each rising level through the body
being holistically within one another. Yet the elevation of energy towards the
head causes an increase in rate, and changes of your consciousness. Your
arms are raised above the head, palms upwards.

10. Returning the power. Simply reverse the sequence by steadily lowering
your arms and feeling the power pass down through your body. It returns
steadily to your energy sphere within the land, below your feet. As it
descends, you lower your arms, and each of the four zones gently reduces in

This exercise is from R J Stewart's books: "Earth Light" "Power Within the
Land" (both Element Books) and in "The Living World of Faery" (Gothic
Image Publishing). It is also used widely by students and in workshops.
Please use and distribute this exercise freely, but you must credit the
copyright which is owned solely by R J Stewart. You must include a copyright
notice in any printed or electronic copy as follows: Worldwide Copyright (c)
R J Stewart. Sale or commercial use of this exercise is strictly forbidden.
Copyright © 1996-2000, RJ Stewart

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