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Dear members of Esoteric Online: Recently, while preparing to attend a group meeting for mystics (The group, I shall keep anonymous)-I was finished preparing my talk, I was to give the group. The group leader, a wonderful & spiritually elevated person, had given me the phone number of a woman member of the group, who lived 5 minutes from me & who would give me a ride to the place where the group met. I had no car & the location, tho only 20 minutes by car, would have taken me close to two hours by public transportation, aside from having me go thru high crime areas!-        The woman had taken me there a month earlier & I was waiting where she told me the place to meet on time, so it was no problem for her.    When I called her to set up our ride, she was most rude to me. She obviously did not want to take me to the place (wish is OK)- but her demeanor was so crass, cold & downright rude!   Her final remark, (and I was born & raised in this city) was so outlandish,  could barely believe my ears-  when she commented, "There IS public transportation you can take!" Like I did not know this!    I quickly ended the conversation & called up the group leader, who came down, 7 miles out of his way, to bring me to the place.  The point I am making--this woman, was a member of a group of people who were seeking "the mystic path"--!  Yet, her conduct was about as far from a mystic one could imagine!  I mention this to make the point (which-I am certain, most of you here know)- that, to be a "mystic" "walk the mystic path", is far more than attending a weekly function or be a member of an organization-!  This woman had much to learn about how to treat other people!   So, below, is an essay, I had written for a group newsletter years ago!   It seemed so appropriate, that I rewrote it below!  Perhaps you have your own story of a person, who while wanting to be a "mystic" or was a member of a group--seeking the "mystic path"..but...whose conduct & treatment of other people, made you wonder..."Why is he/she here?"-   Hoping you find this story & my blog below of interest-!  I'm really hoping to hear some comments!--


"Once we enter on the path of mysticism, serious students without hesitation select the way of 'right action', which may appear fraught with seemingly unsurmountable obstacles. Through determination and will power, we overcome our obstacles one by one and in this way we fashion a temple of human character by aquiring moral courage, sincerity, dignity and those higher qualities that distinguish a true mystic.  This path leads to the liberation of the inner self, the greatest freedom we can have.

Dishonesty, deceit, hypocrisy, or any negative emotions have no room in the heart of true mystics."









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Comment by Christian Heimat on January 22, 2012 at 3:44pm

Thank you, Dear Nancy-  Very well written.  I learned much from your deep spiritual insight! 

God bless you---Regards--Christian

Comment by SwanRa on January 22, 2012 at 3:33pm

Ah dear Christian, as we know everything is love or love in disguise. It stings because spiritual people are not supposed to act that way but they do all the time! It is about walking our talk...this is the song we are meant to sing....every day. But all of us are learning it in different stages.

We are all trying to heal our splits. The Dalai Lama says every day he looks back at his day and always cries at the places he could have been more compassionate. The Dalai Lama!!

It depends how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go. Since we are all mirrors of each other she provided with you a gift - there is a story there only you can find and release. Since you do not know why she acted the way she did you have options rather than add more story 1) call her and ask why - her cat may have died - or that she has yet to learn  not to take her personal pain out on anyone 2) see this as showing your control -  you wanted her to be "different" and not who she was expressing 3) a lesson to teach you more compassion for a person who obviously is in pain or would not have conducted herself so 4) your innerchild has a belief that people are not responsible when you need them (most people have this one) and 5) just forgive her and send her Light that she heal her wounds where she strikes out.

Some people have not learned to be responsible - they have that much shame and lack of self worth....unless she is totally psychotic she must feel badly at her actions but unable to pick up the phone and say they are sorry. How many people do that let alone say thank you?

Her actions finally have nothing to do with you. Maybe the lesson is you chose to be different. And bless yourself and remind yourself the next time you feel like blowing off a responsibility that it is going to hurt someone. It is about you finding more Peace. I send this in great love - it is a reminder for me to go deeper into a situation. Thank you very much for your sharing.

Comment by Being on September 25, 2011 at 2:13pm

Sometimes people do not know or understand what they are truly seeking but they go anyway and one day 'Knowing' and 'Purpose' may open up to them. This may be her.

Or remember that saying that everyone you meet may be/is an Angel with a message or a lesson  for you.

Comment by Christian Heimat on September 23, 2011 at 9:49pm

I should add here, my main theme is that the 'way of the mystic" is giving AND honesty-which I clearly saw,- were missing!  Let me expand-

1) On our ride up to the group meeting, we only exchanged the usual words-!  I saw & "felt" nothing unusual, (and I am very intuitive)-!

2) She HAD told me on the phone-how much she was hoping to meet a member of the group in the same area!  My wife felt this would be good, as I could be able to go to the group more often.

3) That being said--The ONE comment-hat , I felt was rather unfeeling  & 'cruel', was her comment,, "There IS public transportation !"  Like I did NOT know this!  More appropriate & courteous, would have been for her to be --just honest--& said, "Christian, I;d rather not feel obligated to drive you up there each month."-  (Even tho I had not planned to attend frequently)-That, to me, (and the group "Master" agreed)--would have been the civil thing to do.  Not to tell me, something that was...obvious, "There IS public transportation!"-------------THAT....was the "non spiritual" response--both in words & subtext!---So, my point--in a nutshell is--What good is having an affiliation with a group or society (Church or otherwise)--IF, one does not abide by the precepts of the group/ their everyday interactions with people!  That's it...plain & simple!

Nothing was said, in our ride up there-!  Nothing is being "left out"--!  I was as baffled as this story seems to the reader!    Unfortunately--this type of conduct is all too common-  That's it--Love & Light to all-- Christian-

Comment by Being on September 23, 2011 at 5:10pm
All you say and state about the Path is true but I wasn't there the first time you went there and was not able to see the total exchanges between people, beliefs and policy that were stated then. Something apparently happened that turned her off big time. Only she and you can know. Therefore, I can  not make a definitive statement about the experience! You can meditate on this experience and find out more about yourself because that is more important than the so-called other person.
Comment by Sunmover on September 23, 2011 at 4:33pm

Sometimes these 'odd' blips on the surface of our 'right' thinking perception of ourselves are truly a gift in disguise as it affords us loads of insight to puzzle through what we really believe and our beliefs of others.  Besides the fact that there are  many individuals like this lady  who give lip service to 'love and light' but  only as a surface shallow claim. 

In such instances as this I always take my power back and ask myself what it means to me as there is only me / I at levels already noted by Joanne.  For me to allow someone else to through me off balance is a clue that there is some resonance of discord and lowered perception within myself. 

I excavate psychic wounds  frequently and willingly, no matter how I would prefer to indulge myself for a while with my tail between my legs in a corner somewhere licking my wounds. 

That said you may enjoy this zen if you haven't already seen it.

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