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There are those who speak and those who feel compelled to listen.
I believe that these can be are rudimentary archetypes, speaker and listener.
And you could probably make all sorts of associations and correspondences to these terms, but I would like to focus some more practical behavior patterns.
Lets start with the basics, speaker is male/left brain consciousness and listener is female/right brain consciousness.

Generally speaking, I would say we are drowning in speech and words/information.
I am contributing to this via this post, but my contribution to the alternative is this.
Listen before you speak. So female before male.
Understand the situation and all of the players and factors involved, then speak when it is absolutely necessary. When you are "moved" to.
Then return to female to understand if you have been affective.

In certain scenarios people become comfortable as the speaker. And that's what they end up being...
A bag of hot air.

Then there is the listener (the listener en masse is the audience), and it is comprised of sit still and listen, but then nothing else.

At some point these polarities need to be rectified. 
Speaking is easy for most regardless of the value the action provides, in my experience.

But then silence only lasts for so long.
Thus this post.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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