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THE SPEED OF REALITY and U.S. Patent 7968785

The Speed Of Reality (From The Forthcoming Book 'The Sirius Point - A Gateway To The Gods')


The speed of reality = the square root of time divided by the speed of a thought.
Time is the oscillation of the Cesium atom which gives us 60 seconds, the basis of time.  The Simplified Square Root for √60 is 2√15.  A thought is a neuron signal = 120 miles per second. The equation for speed is distance/time of V = s/t or V = (ds/dt).  Speed is V, S is distance and time is T.
But it goes much deeper and much further and my own equation of the speed of reality really turned up some surprising yet ground-breaking results, as you will see. Mathematics seems to be a regurgitation of lots of numbers that don’t seem to answer anything.  But bear with me on this as it is where we end up that is really important.

So here is my equation in full for the speed of reality which leads me onto a revelation.
The speed of reality (as stated above) is the square root (sq rt) of time divided by the speed of thought.  The square root of time is √60 = √15.

Thought is 120 miles per second so 120x60 (60 being time) = 7200.  The square root of 7200 = 84.852813742386 (It is extremely important that you remember this number sequence)
The square root of 7200 is 60√ 2 with a square factor of 3600.  The width = √3600 *2 = √7200.
Take out square root √3600 * 2√ and it gives a root of √3600 = 60.                                      
This equals 60√ 2

Therefore the speed of reality is √ 60

I did say bear with me.

In 1975 researcher Wesley H Bateman discovered what he called the ‘RA system’ which was a mathematical system used by the original architects in defining measurements of ancient structures (for the record I think that those architects were of a higher intelligence than human, and were not human).  The RA system is a mathematical system of formatted frequency and resonance (you will read in other parts of this book that ancient sites were resonance chambers).  There are 9 RA Formats (and there are 9 pyramids) that are close to the value of the square root of 2. Bateman categorised these into colours such as white, red, blue, all of which have a different resonance frequency, but I will just concentrate on the central format which is green (The Egyptian god Osiris was often depicted as being green).

The green RA format follows the first octave frequencies and by using the natural second of time (N.S.T) and the standard second of time (S.S.T) green format is the note F which equals 84.852813742386 cycles per S.S.T. Now do you see the importance of this number and why I reiterated it?

They are tonal frequencies to escape the speed of reality and to step into the transdimensional portal into a mirror/parallel exstence.
The green RA tone scale and RA format use the ratio’s evident in PI values and PI is used extensively within the pyramids.

On 16th September 2009 Alan Steven Howarth filed a US Patent (Application ref: 20100024626) for a frequency spectrum conversion to natural harmonic technology.  In essence a machine that can replicate the frequencies and vibration that is created within the pyramids and were deliberately placed into the design of these great structures, by their original builders.

The wording of that patent is as such:

“Process of converting standard music notes to RA format musical notes comprising inputting a signal of standard musical notes , analysing the frequency of each note in the signal. Selecting a RA format natural harmonic resonance and converting the frequency of each note to a RA format frequency and outputting a signal of natural music”

F is related to 440 hertz which in Nazi Germany was used by Hitler at mass gatherings to control the crowds, known as the ‘Stuttgart Pitch’.  There is a suggestion that in the 1950’s the frequency of music in general was changed to 440 hertz for the same reason.  It is known as A440. On the scale of DO (or UT) – RE – MI – FA – SOL – LA – SI (TI), F = LA = A = 440.  It is the sinusoid (sine-curve) of the sound of music.

Best Wishes,
Michael Feeley
Author, Esoteric Researcher & Speaker

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer of 17 years’ experience. He uses that investigative training to decipher and reveal the great and ancient mysteries of our time that have until now been deliberately concealed from us all.

He is the author of 5 books and several Ebooks on various subjects that he has personally experienced or researched from the paranormal to the true identity of Christ and the real purpose and message left for us within the Pyramids of Egypt. His passion is to unveil the secrets that are concealing our rightful inheritance, namely knowledge! Michael is also a descendant of ancient Irish Celtic Kings who themselves are connected to ancient Pharonic Egypt.

He has found a hidden code that connects the likes of Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Sumerian scrolls (wrongly deciphed by Zecharia Sitchen), Biblical characters and even the King Arthur legend, that has been missed by all the so-called experts on these subjects…He has even found a hidden connection between these famous Earthly monuments to those on other planets.

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