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I recently realized a few new things that are interesting and worth sharing.

First is that the brain is a Double Torus as described by Nassim Haramein, thus allowing it to collect and focus information relating to that side of the brain.

Secondly, the brain's right side is creative and intuitive. This is no accident. It allows for all kinds of things. For instance, for those of us that notice the spiritual themes coming out of Hollywood. This is no accident. This is the result of higher dimensional beings whispering into the creative minds of Hollywood ideas to be spread and disseminated. 

Third, the torus looks like a wheel. To a mind that does not have the word Torus, one can only describe what it sees in terms that it does understand. So when in the bible Ezekiel talks about the chariot of god being wheels within wheels, he's really talking about nested concentric tori, which is the "vehicle" or mechanism via which the Divine becomes manifest into lesser dimensional realities.

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Comment by steve on September 23, 2013 at 12:21pm

the principle of the right is the active force - the male force. creation is an act or action, the operative, the potent, the energetic

the principle of the left is the passive force - the female force, the receiving quality, the reflection, the receptive, the ordering of the right

keep in mind that the two hemispheres meet in the middle. the r-complex is a central brain, the third eye the pineal gland and pituitary gland are also between the two hemispheres.

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