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     How to begin is always a problem when there is so much to say. I am the only one left out of the 53 who heard “The Twelve Blessings” spoken by Jesus through the voice of George King in a self induced Samadhic trance. This required him to absent himself in Cosmic consciousness.  I saw him accomplish this most difficult and advanced exercise in Yoga within two minutes before each transmission.

“The Twelve Blessings” is the most important of all mystic treatises available to the serious seeker. They were delivered in twelve successive Sundays in 1958, London. How I became involved in this unique experience is worth a separate story, and how I failed to be active in this way for a long time.  

   The Twelve Blessings were recorded and put in a small book of the same name in 63 pages, the actual wording of the Blessings comprise less than half of the text within addresses by Jesus, and each time introduced by the Master Saint Goo Ling in a quaint but precise English. He is alive in a Chinese body after 2000 years, and is Keeper of The Seal in The Great White Brotherhood. 

    The Blessings are easy to memorise, but reading aloud allows the power of Love to be sent through you into this suffering world. During the ‘Magnetisation Periods’ the power of unselfish spiritual exercise is increased 3000 times, notably in this form of sacrifice, which merits another blog.

The teaching in this book is a revelation in Cosmogony, the Blessings themselves a saga of the sacrifices made by elevated spiritual beings on our behalf. If you want to hear the recordings of Jesus speaking, the disc can be sent from the Aetherius Society founded in1955 by George King, who came to be known as a Cosmic Master from Mars, revealed in the recent biography.

 This planet was saved a number of times in the period following the world war.

     For this check my website, “The Divine Herecies”.

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Comment by peter henry daley on September 10, 2020 at 9:25pm

It is strange how the information on the assaults on this planet attracts so little interest.                        The present phase of controlled pandemic fear is a mere inconvenience in comparison, is only a threat for possible programs to limit the population.

Comment by peter henry daley on August 19, 2020 at 8:22pm



1.Blessed are the Peacemakers

2.Blessed are the Wise Ones

3.Blessed are They Who Love

4.Blessed are The Planetary Ones

5.Blessed are The Thanksgivers

6.Blessed are They Who Heal

7.Blessed is The Mother Earth

8.Blessed is The Mighty Sun

9.Blessed are The Supreme Lords of Karma

10.Blessed is The Galaxy

11.Blessed are The Supreme Lords of Creation

12.Blessed is The Absolute

Comment by steve on August 19, 2020 at 5:37pm

what are the 12 blessings?

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