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I have worked out, how to make gold, from base metals.

I have done this, through psychological experiments, on myself, which corresponded with my environment.

I have decoded, imagery and symbolism, in European Alchemical manuscripts, from the perspective of modern Twin Flame theory, as the basis of these experiments.

Alchemists, such as Basilius Valentinus, said that there is a seed of the metals, from which they all grow, and by means of which, one metallic element, can be transmuted into another.

Alchemists represented, the seed of the metals, as the union of opposites. The symbol for this, was the Rebus, being gently heated, in an earthen jar, or in a glass vessel.

The Rebus, is the image of one human body, with two heads, of a man and woman.

Alchemists often spoke about the rebus, in terms two people being in love, with each other.

I have discovered, that the seed of the metals, is the reversal of the orgasm, through substitution, in the form of being in love, with one random, but established, Twin Flame.

Being in love, with a Twin Flame, must undergo, the Alchemical stages, of Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation.

When coagulated, Twin Flame Love, must undergo the five chemicalization steps, of Sealing, Agitation, Combustion, Withdrawal, and Manifestation.

The Manifestation step, is the telekinetic transmutation, of one element into another, through psychological radiation.

Psychological radiation, when directed, through disciplined and concentrated, desire, intention, and imagination, can increase or decrease, the number of neutrons, protons and their corresponding electrons, in atoms.

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