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Thought, Action, Building Inner Bridges

There arises a need, a desire, a lust for change.
This feeling is being offered and accepted (or discarded) producing the motivation for construction.
You run through different scenarios or possibilities of how this change would look and/or feel, but it's still imaginary (definitely not trying to downplay this part of the process, but the thought is not fully realized in the possibility of the material yet).

Now the desire, the attraction to the thought now, builds until there is no other option, but to make a decision and take action.

This act of decision brings down that otherworldly intent into the realm of manifestation.

But roadblocks arise. Usually based in self criticism invoking fear of said change/decision.
And self criticism is a useful tool, but not if you attempting to create.
In the beginning that is.
Self criticism should be employed after the process (keep in mind that some amount of analysis should be employed during the decision making process, but do not allow the logic destroy the passion that initiated this).

Imagine, do, and embrace.

If you pay attention to this cycle you begin to understand how events and things appear, or disappear.

It's when you make a decision and take action that reflects or is alignment with, the initial spark, the emotion, the imagination, this is when the doors of possibility swing open.

Through the experience of acting on both ends of this process, you can bring both modes of consciousness together.
The results of action in the material helps clarify and sharpen the connection to the immaterial realms.

And guess what, if it doesn't work the first time, good. Learn from the experience, figure out what went "wrong" (blessings in disguise), and go again.

Approach things in this manner, and then consider that this earthly realm of material and desire might actually be a good place to uncover that sanctuary of divine meaning...

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Comment by Chris Kelley on July 18, 2019 at 8:38pm

Archer, I am humbled by your words, and I recognize your own wisdom and efforts through them.
-Chris K.

Comment by Archer De Angelo on July 17, 2019 at 10:34pm


  I am not commenting as to offer positive expression to the exact meaning of your words yet I am doing just that for another reason. On this particular day (not to say that I would not see things differently do to the energy of this day itself, AKA how we process things as a result) I wanted to say I see that you are a lot like me in that you offer messages to those in need and that represents a very powerful path to hold. You do so knowing that this is the case yet you continue. That is a level of loving conscious awareness and devotion that speaks a great deal of who you are and what your path is. What I see in you that is so loving and powerful is that you have transcended to a place that will allow you to become transcendent. That meaning the ability to be aware of your personal cosmic connection. That is part of the path and power of the way showers. I do not feel exactly your meanings yet that is due to my path being different and yet still helpful to others. What I see in you, like me helping others find what they need so that they can decide if the new world to come soon is where they wish to be. Please accept my words as a congratulatory and powerful recognition as well as thanks from all that could not find it in them to say so.  "The greatest thanks you receive is from yourself, for all you do that goes unknown to others” Be strong and hold benevolent fortitude while you travel the infinite paths to be chosen in this realm.

   All my best, Archer

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