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To consume.

Bring it back to Neolithic days when the kill of hunt was consumed and shared by the tribe.
There was the squad of hunters focused on that of the kill, that of the bounty.
That of the sustenance, the survival, the action taken that ensured the tribes future existence.

Now, what do we have.
Dependence? Trained dependence?

I grew up poor, and I can associate certain aspects of my own personal habits and personality to that experience. Most not good, but the good ones provided.
I have a hard time letting go of stuff, especially emotional things.
I would say that it's not outside the realm of reason to deduce that if food is scarce for a person at an early age (or loving attention) that it can produce thought processes that are based in scarcity.

Fear of "not having" enough produces overindulgence and well, even more fear.
Fear of letting go, and moving on from that source of "sustenance", even if that "sustenance" is pain. It's still comfortable because it is known/familiar.

One could argue that this could be the very basis of many "modern", societal habits in general.
We're all scared, join the party!

I know this might sound weird, but think about. If you reduce all action down to it's simplest form, what is the most important?
What pattern of behaviors has carried on, and been true for thousands of years?

The process of consuming food is a pretty big one.
Now consider that all group actions are ritualistic in nature.
These rituals have been in-grained into our psyches for ages.
But now, they are expressed in different forms.

I would say that majority of social inputs that are presented to you are just offerings. Offerings of sustenance (on a primeval level of consciousness).

"I have this thing (emotion, habit, or perspective) that I would like to share with you. It tastes so good to me, you should try it to."

One could draw parallels to this notion to actions of "fasting", and "purification" for spiritualistic endeavors.

On the individual mental level, thoughts and emotions could be considered as "offerings" from the universal community chat board.
But most importantly, with the possibility of the experiencer or operator to accept or deny these "offerings" of sustenance.

There is a line of association here I believe.
From the past to the present, from the many to the individual.

Eh, food for thought...

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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