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Since the first moment I laid eyes on you I fell in love

It was love in first sight, not the romantic kind, but the unconditional kind

I never sat down to put into words how much you mean to me,

How my heart explodes when I see you smile.


The beautiful shine in your eyes when you are happy

The contagious laugh, the sensitive nature of your soul

I have never met a soul as beautiful as yours.

Never will there be another you, in this life or the next.


So many years I spend in fear to lose you, wasting time on fear

When I could have used it to love you.

I have realized my mistake my little princess I have seen how selfish I have been

Love doesn’t imprison and doesn’t expect anything, love sets free.


When I see you sleep, I wonder what do you dream of, what do you see?

How your mind travels in imaginationland that only you can see

I wonder do you dream of me, as I dream of you every night

It doesn’t matter though, because the bond we have is eternal.

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