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To Those Who are Willing to Question

I post a lot here, and I have questioned if I should move my discourse to another platform.
I wondered if I was "taking up to much space" on the blog section of the page.
I have also second guessed myself after posting.
But I continue to write and post here.

My mindset when writing these posts, are philosophical in nature I believe (interpretation carries many labels).
I have a question, a thought, then if I think that that question is applicable to the sphere of esoteric thought, I post.

But I do not just post, I think, I feel, and I write.

If what I have written, stirs a feeling, thoughts of a counter argument, or a different perspective, please, share it with me.
I am curious.
Sing your words and thoughts.
I will continue to sing mine.
Within reason, and will.

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