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So I like to keep things simple. I like finding fundamental truths that are useful in any situation and any level of thought.

One thing I am beginning to contemplate more is consciousness itself.

So at a base level, earthly realm we'll say, our ability to deal with changes is a direct result our experiences in those situations. If you are a mechanic, you're good at understanding mechanics through experience (you even have a title!).

On a psychological level, if you have had some trauma in the past, then a future event occurs that is similar to your interpretation of the past event, then there are issues in the present.

This is the result of experience.
Now to remove this seed of trauma, what is the usual course of action?
To accept? No I would argue, it's to be AWARE.
To bring the event into full conscious awareness.
This is different than "acceptance". The word implies subjugation, while the truth is the resultant of awareness.
Passive and active interaction with the memory.

This takes time, but so did the creation of the trauma to begin with in a causal manner.
All of those associations connected to bring you rotten fruit.
If you think it's easier to live with the trauma, rather than address it, then become aware of the results of BOTH actions.
What will happen if it's not addressed?
What could happen if it is addressed and released? (Not accepted)

Boil that down to a single idea, consciousness.
Conscious of BOTH possible outcomes.
Now a decision is at hand.

And you make decisions all the time. Even that act of "indecision" is still a decision.

So whatever the situation, be it with something like what to buy for dinner or which god to pray to, it's still comes down to making an informed decision. A conscious decision.
Common thread here I am pointing to that appears to me to important on multiple levels and perspectives.

To me the word "Magus" embodies someone who can make well-informed/conscious decisions with complete certainty of Will.

So what's the practical take away here?
Do everything to be more conscious and aware of as much as you can both internally and externally.
This will lead to better decision making process and better outcomes for yourself.
Then the practice becomes a circle, and a cycle of feedback that allows for growth.

Allow me to be a bit extreme here, but hiding behind a circle is not a good way to empower your consciousness, your ability to make decisions. All things have their place, but escapism doesn't work on any level of existence if you seek progress.

Isn't that what all of this is about anyways, expanding consciousness.

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