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About a month ago I received a flash of insight into the structure of the Universe. This momentary glimpse of the underpinning of the Universe has led me on a very interesting and exciting journey thus far. The excitement I have for this information has naturally led me to want to share it in a deep and meaningful way to receive feedback and stimulus for further insight. With that intent, I am writing this posting.

About seven years ago, I had a sight that the Universe was a series of concentric spheres. Each sphere was sized in accord to the Fibonacci Sequence. Each sphere concentrating the energy inward to the next inner sphere, acting as a transformer of sorts. Drawing this out on paper, anyone can feel an energy at the center of this simple and basic piece of Sacred Geometry. Time moved on, I always kept that bit of info handy in my mind, but not much had come from it.

That is until about a month ago. Then it hit me. What if my model of the Universe was slightly wrong? What if instead of spheres, it is made from tori (the plural of the word torus, the shape of a donut) but follows the Fibonacci Sequence and/or the Phi Ratio? What if the Divine used the torus as an energetic concentrator? So I dove into the internet to find data to confirm this.

What I found was amazing. The shape of the torus shows up everywhere! In all kinds of things you can find tori. Blood cells are tori. Fruits are tori. The Van Allen radiation belts are tori. Several of Tesla’s designs used the torus, just look at Wardenclyffe. The chakras are tori. And then I found the final confirmation I needed. A 2008 article on states that the Universe is a torus. My jaw dropped.

So, I went back. I rethought my model of nested concentrics, only with tori this time. I thought to myself that surely something related to this already had to exist. Some kind of interplay between this idea and what we already know has to exist. So, I start looking at my archive of various metaphysical materials. While looking at a Flower of Life, it hits me. The Flower of Life is a two dimensional representation of tori, all interconnecting! And you can easily see that each circle is a torus, and they all interconnect to make progressively larger and larger tori. Or, to be more accurate, larger tori create within them smaller tori.

Okay, great! We know that the Universe is also a holographic fractal. So, this is confirmed right out of the box already. And we also know that the Divine loves the Phi ratio, as it manifests in everything.

So I start doing more research. My desire at this point wanting to connect this model of the Universe and ourselves with consciousness. The Divine is Consciousness, and we are sparks of that consciousness made manifest and our consciousness creates the world around us.

This led me to Gregg Braden’s The Language of the Divine Matrix. Nifty stuff. And he lent some credibility to something I’d always had been sceptical about, the importance of our DNA from a metaphysical standpoint. Okay, cool. I’ll file that away for the moment. Watched some of Gregg Braden’s other works and eventually came back to my research.

Additionally I knew that the torus was used because all energy was omnidirectional from and to the torus. I looked at the auric layers and found that they followed the Phi ratio (with a slight twist it seems at the 4th layer.)

Staring at an image of the Flower of Life that was also a Torus, it struck me that each vortice is a channel of information, along which information from past, concurrent and future lives were influencing us. I had finally found the interplay between this model of everything and consciousness!

The next questions came. How, if at all, does any one part of a vertice have a “damaging” impact on the whole torus? Does where the damage is having anything to do with how it interferes with us?

So a few days ago, I was researching the torus and the universe again, when I came across Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM) and Mod 9 numbering. Oh! My! Gods! I was blown away. Here was simplistic math about the torus! And it was a concentrator, just like my original theory stated.

So I started playing around with Marko Rodin’s diagrams. And here are the things that I quite rapidly learned from that.

1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 is a doubling circuit.

6, 9 and 3 are constantly in flux. 6 and 3 hold the same charge, while 9 is the opposite charge. And vortex124875 on Youtube does a wonderful job of showing how this number sequence and the Flower of Life are interconnected and creates the pulses of our atoms that creates the waves Quantum Physics says we exist in. (One small caveat to that, vortex124875 shows only 8 spheres in his video. I believe it should be 9, the 9th one hidden in the middle of the other 8, simultaneously touching all 8. I believe this because the Flower of Life strikes me as having the Fibonacci Sequence/Phi ratio interplay with it in totality. So, when you see one circle in the middle, you are actually seeing two that are literally right on top of each other, but you can’t discern that from a flat 2D image.)

9 is amazing. There is so much I learned from it. You should checkout vortex124875’s videos to learn more.

Rodin’s diagram fits neatly over our DNA and explains why our DNA influences physical reality.

Then I looked at it again and had to overlay the Rodin diagram with an Enneagram. The two line up perfectly! In fact, the Enneagram has a triangle between just 6, 9 and 3! And you can easily create a Merkabah within that same Rodin diagram! And last night it occurred to me that the peace symbol has meaning when looked at from this diagram! If 6, 9 and 3 are in equilibrium, then they are in peace as a result.

Now I have a copy of the Rodin diagram with the Enneagram, a Merkabah and a peace symbol up on my wall made from push-pins and yarn.

Looking at that, I found that the Shri Yantra was there too.

And this is as far as I’ve gotten. I hope that this information brings you closer to your own enlightenment at the very least, or better for the both of us, you can respond with something that will spark further ideas and research….

Funny that word, spark. I think I’ll go research Spark Gaps next.

Be well and have fun!



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Comment by Will Bierre on September 9, 2013 at 1:49pm

Right after making the prior comment I found the electrical trinity, positive and negative charges and neutral. We'll see where this leads, but it makes for some sense. 

Comment by Will Bierre on September 9, 2013 at 11:34am

Thanks Erophin. Yes, quite interesting. My intuition says that next I need to understand what 3, 6 and 9 are as related to our consciousness.

Comment by Jolan ☯ on September 9, 2013 at 3:04am

Nice recap ;) interesting how the flower of life fits the torodial dynamic right?

Comment by Will Bierre on September 6, 2013 at 3:29pm

Thank you, anki. I am glad you found it personally informative. :)

Comment by anki on September 6, 2013 at 3:00pm

wow that is amazing how much u have come to realize. great info shard here. explains my fascination for the torus well, something i didnt understand myself. 

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