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We have 3, 6 and 9. The number 3 represents being active, moving forward, doing something. The number 6 represents being passive, being receptive, holding back and/or doing nothing. While the number 9 represents being truly neutral. Put another way, 3 is Yang, 6 is Yin and 9 is balance. 

When you stop and think about how these intervening bits of consciousness are interfering with our lives it is always one of two ways. The first method is being active, directly stepping in at some point and making the wrong decision there. An example of this would be getting angry because of some small trigger and then responding violently.

While the second method is more subtle. It's far more passive, but still creates a situation resulting from the wrong decisions being made. This method at it's core, takes the form of ignoring the problem in the hope that it will just go away. 

This gives us two different possible solution paths when it comes to the goal of my research. The first path is to switch the intervening consciousness lives from being active or passive, a 3 or a 6 to a 9, being neutral. Basically this is the path of being forcible.

The second method is to actually do the work needed to heal the intervening consciousness so that they switch to a neutral 9 all on their own. And while this sounds passive, that does not mean it's the wrong choice. 

It strikes me that healing involves all three numbers. First you have to actively seek out that part of yourself that is negatively intervening in your life. Then you have to be passive (receptive here) as it cycles through it's emotional stuff. Then you have to actively engage it in acceptance, love and forgiveness. This then transitions this part of yourself to a neutral state. 

Now obviously, one could do a Ho`o`ponopono every single time a problematic self rears it's head, but that only heals what has risen to the surface in that moment and is willing to be healed. The goal of my research is to heal it all, as quickly, deeply and efficiently as possible. Healing only what is ready to be healed is, in my personal context far too slow. 

Obviously more contemplation needs to be done.

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