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Getting all "tyrannical" here.
I see articles addressing "toxic masculinity", and while these do offer some substance (consider the sources), I would also like to bring to the table the idea of "toxic feminism".
If we speak of one aspect, we must consider the opposing aspect of that subject.

While as a Man (male sex characterized by physical attributes and general mindset produced by society's observation of these attributes), I accept the fact that men have done terrible this in the past.
Same can be said of females.

Now, why are there more historical instances of males doing horrible things than women?
Guys do stuff in grand manner (be it good or bad), because of the female.
Eventful actions are noted in history as such, because they are.
Ah yes, we all in this together.

Ultimately we seek that we do not have. The admiration of a women, the safety of a man.
When these two aspects are not allowed by the collective "society" to exist, naturally, then what happens?
Or if those aspects of admiration and safety become corrupt ( and those males who accepted).

We see the feminine become dominant is men, and vice versa in the female.
To the heremeticist this is, individually, a good thing.

In masse, this is confusion, separation, and destruction.

Apology that is thirsted for by the toxic feminine movement, is a another narrative comprised of confusion, seperation, and destruction.
Key point here, this apology always exists in a public landscape.

Think about that....
Seriously. The power of forgiveness is obvious in the esoteric realm of thought.
This act or forgiveness is not something to take lightly, nor should it be purveyed in this smuderey of mainstream/social media.

Yet now you see it being "thirsted" for on the altar of public excitement.

I would say this, the feminine is beauty, the life giver, they bearer of man.
So is the duty of man to be the protector, and steward of the feminine, in love.
On all levels.

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Comment by Chris Kelley on July 14, 2019 at 4:47pm

This should be fun.

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