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Hello seekers,

I am happy to present this material to you, I hope you find it interesting so I can continue posting :) hypnosis is the fastest and most efficient tool of today's psychology to treat mental and emotional health disorders this altered state of consciousness can also be used as a tool for "downloading" information from spiritual dimensions and accessing past life memories.

I transcribed and translated this text from a hypnosis session performed by Genoveva Calleja (Spain) using the method created by Dr Aurelio Mejía (Colombia) which is a method based on Northamerican psychiatrist Milton Erickson’s technics combining spiritual and forgiveness dynamics.

These sessions which you can watch on Aurelio Mejía’s Youtube Channel (in Spanish) have influenced and changed my belief system for good, this particular video from which I took this material is very special for me because it was the first mention to Earth’s Ascension that I ever Heard (2016) after that I started to search for more information and ended up finding the story about the birth of a new Earth, the divine plan and much more, though I could not fully believe the story it made me feel a big relief, I felt grateful, joyful and for some reason a strange feeling similar to sadness or melancholy I understood that “the old Earth”, the old energy was saying goodbye to leave place to a new paradigm, but anyway I want to share this transcription because it has very interesting information about this shift this transition into higher plane of existence.

Ok, so after entering the hypnotic trance this man named Wahington re-experienced memories from past lives and also the stage in between lives, at some point he was shown by his spirit guides some events that are going to take place on earth and was told about what is going on Earth right now, here are the highlights, normal font means that the therapist is speaking and the bold Font indicates that is the patient who speaks (I dont know how to add colors yet)

I don't know everything is changing, everything changed and everything, everything is being modified but it is not as they said.

Who would say it?

The people

And what would they say?

The news and that, they spoke about the end of the world and stuff like that but it´s all lies.

And what is the truth?

It is a change, a change no more

A change in what?

In everything that is known as it is known until now everything, everything.

And how will that change occur?

It started long ago it...

And is it going well?

hmm hmm, I don't know what “well” means for you, the things, it has been long since they are changing, it has been spoken for a long time already but nobody, nobody pays attention.

And do they pay more attention now?

No, the change is already taking place

Does it? and what is the change about?

I don't know from now on but the first thing we feel, the first thing we feel is this of the body weight, the weight of everything, I don't know if it is true because we are moving

The planet is moving but you don't feel the movement of it, the planet is moving, it is moving in space and at their turn there are other forces inside the planet, we don't feel it but sometimes we feel as if something had stopped, or like suddenly everything fell, like everything weights but that's it, they say it could be that the rotation changed or something, the rotation of what or how.

They also say that something was going to happen, that those were planets that this and that, its all rubbish (I am not sure what he meant by this)

And will there be a catastrophe or something?



Nothing, that happened already.

All that happened already ok, can I know whom am I speaking with? do you have a name?

No, no, no

Then why do you know all this?

Because I am here

Now I want you to go to the last day of that life of that moment, and I want you to tell me what happened to you and to that energy, you don't have to experience it, you have to see it from another perspective, move to that moment and tell me what happened.

No, no, there is no last day here now, but then everything changes from now on, everything changes, everything, everything, they are showing us all that, I don't know what that is, they are showing us the way it is the way it is going to be.

And how is it going to be?

Well right now everything is changing in front of our eyes, everything people said about this, yes, yes, yes it does happen it does.

But explain it to me because I don't know, I don't...

Everything, everything, everything

You are assuming I know these things, but I don't, I need you to please explain them to me

It was always said, people always said that... that the end of the world, that the bible, that hmm Genesis and all that, it does happen, we see it, we see that happening but it does not reach us, it doesn't reach us because they put us in another, another dimension, they take us out of the Earth, everything is recycled let's say.

And do we have to die?


do we pass directly to that dimension?


And how do we make that transition?

Yes they're gonna, there are platforms, they were there all the time

Platforms, and how do we get to those platforms?

hmm, they can get us on like this, like this, without, there is no need of a mean of transportation, to make it less shocking they get down as a transport so we can get on that platform, those platforms are not high they are normal (at moderate altitude)

And can those platforms be seen physically?

Yes, sure

And everybody gets on them?

Yes, every one

Nobody will be left behind?

No, nobody, nobody

And when is it going to happen?

I don`t, I don't know the year, I don't know, it's hmm, I would like to tell a year but I can't

but there is little time left for that to happen?

Yes, very little time left, very little

And the people are going to be scared?

No, no

But who sends these platforms, the extraterrestrials?

No, God, God

And who is God for you?

There they explain that to us, there they explain that to us

And what do they explain?

They say God is not meant to be understood, God was always there, God is what was before, what is going to be after, what is now, they speak about the alpha and omega about the beginning and the end is all the same, there never was a..there is not a beginning or an end of anything, it could be that to our eyes there is a beginning and an end of something, of a stage, of a life, of the lifespan of something of somebody of a thing, but everything transforms, everything is energy, eh ahmmm we do have, yes, a stage of life to live, but now we have come to this stage and they are going to give us another possibility, everything will keep going but for having come until here (to this stage) for being this last generation they will give us more time to live, obviously after some time we will have to leave but it won't be as it has been until so far, the aggressive way, because of diseases or, or things like that, (here he says something I could not understand very well) or I don`t know, nobody has gotten to that point but, I don`t know, that`s  what they say.

And what happens with the children, what are they doing?

No, the kids are not there, the kids are in another dimension, this is full of dimensions, that`s what they explain, the kids are there now playing


They are all until certain age, until the age that supposedly they have understanding, for us that we don’t understand that a certain age that maybe they don`t have to be going through what we are going through or seeing now at this time (I don’t make much sense of this) so then they are there until this whole thing has happened, and what happens is that we are a generation that is in the middle, between what was and what will be, so in an easier way it has already happened before, they make us disappear and everything starts over again from scratch but they (who?) don’t feel like doing it I guess then they are preparing us for the new generation, the new earth as I was saying that is basically recycle this earth or this world, this planet, this dimension I don’t know how to call it and we remain there but simply what happens is that now we won't, we won`t have to die like before, now we will choose when we are going to leave, but still we get to have a lot more years (we remain here for many more years) ehm, it is complex, the years are counted by days, by moons, by, the time now does not.., it no longer, no longer works like that

Not anymore?


Since when 

Since this change

Really and when did this change begin? In time?

A long time ago, a long time ago now, other civilizations went through this already, the thing is they are in another dimension not in this one

The Mayans for example?

For example, yes

Did that people disappear? Did they go to another dimension?

Many, many, many (referring to many countries)

And, that is what is going to happen now?


Are we going to disappear?


So then?

They, they passed to other dimensions or they are in other dimensions that don’t have the need to die, here the people explain that to us, if not where would the bodies from all of that people be? They never found them, never found them.

And that is what is going to happen or is it happening already?

Hm no, no, it is going to happen

And are we going to be aware of that?

Eh hm, we live it

We live it but are we going to notice a difference in our daily lives?

Yes, sure, sure everything is going to stop, the day that happens God…

And how does it stop? What do you mean by "stop"?

First of all it comes to our mind of all the people (collective mind?) of every person, everyone that is not child or are not in the age to understand, so the children disappear automatically from here and pass to that other place until we arrive at that place, that place is, we first get on the platforms, there they show us how everything is happening, it does happen, it is like what the Bible said but quite apart from what the bible says, nothing to do with it.

Ok, clarify that for me, please.

We do get to see fire coming down from heaven, the lands and the seas do mix together, we are here and we are feeling we will perceive the scent of the wet dirt, we see the fire, yes all that, but nothing about flying horses or angels, nothing, nothing about that, things simply happen, things happen why they happen I don’t know they descend the ones that are over us they get down, the, the the initiated like Jesus and..

The masters?


Are they going to descend?

Of every culture they descend, at their moment, they will have time to speak with every one of us that’s what they are here for

But is it in a personal way?


Or an internal experience?

Hm no, talking like we are...


Yes just like you and me are talking now

Wao, And can you explain something concerning to Washington? (Washington is the name of the patient)

He saw this, he does see this

He sees it but he has doubts, what can you tell him?

Patience everything will get to happen

And concerning that picture of two circles and a space in the middle, I mean two entwined circles what do they mean?


This change?

Sure, there is a circle where this planet is, the Earth, the one we are right now and here is the new supposed Earth, when both circles join together in this same circle is where the platforms are, and the people that are in that space are going to pass automatically to the other and won't have to die, I am not what I don´t know, It cant be understood, being on the platforms everything is seen, how it happens, it is seen it is smelled.

I'll leave it here for now, if you find it interesting please let me know to upload the rest of the transcription he continues speaking about the changes, he mentions that the people will get confused but everything will be fine and nobody will be left behind, there is just going to be like a filtering process..but anyway comment if you want to read more and I appreciate any feedback about what you think about this and also feedback about the grammar mistakes that I might have made.

Have a good week 


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