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Transformation to one's true path arrives without struggle and strife.

It is simple truths that change existence

When change is a personal choice.

In the process of change avoid being a greedy person

Greedy people care only for themselves they do not care for other people’s problems or the problems of Mother Earth

Mother Yemoja great mother of the seas says that people do not have to be rich to be greedy because being rich is an opportunity to share with others. Humans who are greedy are known by their selfish attitude and not their wealth. Greedy people do not share well in groups and they bring selfishness to collective efforts.

Greedy people are needy people. They need to know that the Mother Nature creates enough for every person on earth to eat and to live comfortably. They need to know that selfishness is without merit and unnecessary to maintain satisfying lifestyles. Greedy people need to awaken to the knowledge that expecting and seeking to have more daily bread than everyone else terminates the life force more rapidly.

Mother Yemoja expanded abundance of sea water warns the good people not to share the fate of greedy people’s for their time on earth is shorter than others. They spend time wasting their life wanting more than the satisfaction of their daily bread, unable to eat more than one fair share they are willing to do anything including maiming, starving, abusing, neglecting and murdering children and the adults around the world to gain access to others' share of daily bread.

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Comment by Being on July 13, 2011 at 6:21pm
Greed. One of the seven deadly sins. Indeed question yourself and be aware of what you intend and do. Discern and take the right path whenever you can. Correct off the mark actions and continue on the straight and narrow as best you can.
Comment by ancestralblue on July 11, 2011 at 8:39am

Absolute truth!!!

  Greedy people truly are needy people. It's about the hole in the soul that can be filled only by Spirit and yet...they spend life trying to fill it with money and material objects.

  And in that process...lives become decimated by the hands of greed. Humans, the animal world, the plant world.... Nothing is sacred when the greedy mind is in that place. No honor applies.

  It brings nothing but grief.

  But as we see with your posting...The world over...the people of the heart are standing up...and now they're being heard.

  Blessings to all who are of the Spirit and the good heart...

   Thankyou for your posting!




Comment by Awofalola AdeOsun Obaseye on July 10, 2011 at 8:16pm
Thank you for your comment your picture is beautiful!

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