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Transition, Indoctrination, and Flat Earth

I tend to blog about my perspectives in regards to society in large here, and I think this is me working out my own personal ideas of what society is in my mind. Its an interesting experience for me, because I have always struggled with the concept of "fitting" in, and actually developing my own inner ethos. 
Taking into account that opening statement, please allow me to present the following observations for your consideration.
I witnessed a very interesting event at a sports pub this weekend, that has got me to thinking about this concept.

The basic scenario was two individuals, a couple (I am leaving out ethnicity and assumed sexual orientation purposefully) sitting with a third participant involved in a very one sided conversation.
Over what exactly, I could not understand. I tried to, but the statements spoken were all over the place.
From my perspective, the goal appeared to be that of an indoctrination process for the third participant into the maelstrom of thoughts and feelings of the speaker.
I wanted to say something, but honestly I couldn't figure out what to even address to allow for a respite of the indoctrinie.
Finally before I left, I wrote on a napkin "the dog that barks the loudest usually has nothing to say" and handed it to the person.
So whats the takeaway from this? I would say, in my opinion, fundamentals changes are occurring in our ;civilization/society. The matriarchal, the patriarchal; hierarchy, and flatness are being debated (public interest very high regarding these topics).
The expression of pure emotion and the reaction of artistic media being popularized and monetized.
The framework of a 9-5 desk job is slowly slipping away.
Also this just popped into my head, is the United States currently at war with anyone? 
Another phenomenon, are the YouTube videos that consider the possibility of flat earth?
Almost every accepted socially/politically/scientifically held dogma is being challenged right now.

During the peace revolution of the 60's there was just government's war machine that people, mainly, protested against.
Know you can dip your toes in all sorts of issues to find a group to be a member of.
The "man" is now the "many". 
A pretty dark and empty forest to get lost in my opinion. 
So let me start my own "movement". One of old school philosophy and personal critical thinking for your consideration.
Or at the very least, you can sit at the bar and listen to two people that have nothing in common with you tell you what you should think.
Or better yet, consider what I have said and explain your own thoughts!

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Comment by neophyte on July 5, 2018 at 8:30pm

I was asked the same question twice on-line yesterday by two people i have met.

The question was/is/always will be:

"where are you from, (exactly)?"

Knowing where we start/come from, and knowing where we end/go to is All important!

God is within you <3


Comment by Chris Kelley on July 3, 2018 at 8:35pm

@neophyte. I agree with your words that are perceptions of the external are reflections of our own inner environments. But I will also intercede that I must observe and interpret. If I am wrong, then I am wrong. Then I will work to remedy inaccuracy.
I must know the place in which I start before I can hope to walk to another place.

Comment by neophyte on July 3, 2018 at 12:12am

Hi Chris,

I can relate to pretty much all you say and feel here.

I can offer my own observed and read-about thought on Old School philosophy:

As Above, so below; As below so Above.

This is not just a 1to1 relationship but an x to 1/x relationship.

In other words what we 'see' 'outside' of ourself is mirrored/reflected within ourself.

What we focus on outside is where our focus is inside. The wrongness we see in the world is a reflection of that we would see and want to change within also.

The shape of the 'outside' world is largely determined by what goes on 'inside' of those who observe it.

I believe seeking to balance the two opposing views can give the best results for our personal growth.

Seek purity and clarity of vision within and you will see the results outside of you in your observation of the 'real' worlds. :-)

God is within you. <3


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